Sexual Temptation

I saw the movie Temptation by Tyler Perry a couple of weeks ago. Awesome movie and perfect for the times we currently live in!

I thought it was the PERFECT message, to all those engaging in RISKY sexual practices!!

Yes, we should enjoy life and have fun with it BUT when you do certain things – there are consequences that one has to live with for the rest of their lives in some cases.

If, I needed another reminder on why I should wait to have sexual intercourse – this movie surely reminded me on that accord!

Yes, in the past, I was not living like I should BUT Thank God for His GRACE & MERCY and I WOKE UP and realize the importance of my life!

It’s dangerous out there!  

We sometimes tend to just TRUST and DEPEND on people to be honest about their sexual health especially when we are in a relationship with them AND that is NOT always realistic at all!  PROTECT yourself!

Some don’t know they have something and others know and don’t care and have a careless attitude about it. PROTECT yourself!
If you ever had sex even once GET TESTED!

You really have to be very careful – when engaging in sexual intercourse with others. They are so many various diseases out there! Protect yourself and your future health by practicing safe sex or if not married practice sexual abstinence - the act of not engaging into any pre-martial sexual interactions.

No one is perfect and it is always the RIGHT time to turn your life around and do better. When you KNOW better you should DO better!

Now repent of your sins and turn to God, 
so that your sins may be wiped away. Acts 3:19 NLT

For me: I will be waiting for marriage before I take it that far in any future relationship I shall have. I am perfectly OKAY with knowing that not all men are willing to wait AND that just tells me one thing – they are not the one! So, I will wait! I had a hard time before but not anymore I don’t worry about waiting anymore b/c my heart is dead set on waiting it out this time around! NO more slipups from this woman here! None! Of course, I’m human and have urges but when they come – I put my mind on something else! I will be FAITHFUL to myself and not do anything I'm not suppose to do in that regard outside of marriage! I WILL WAIT! My life is to precious not to!

AND even in marriages some people are catching diseases. BE FAITHFUL in your marriage people! If you cheated, be honest and tell your spouse and then you both get tested together and BE FAITHFUL! It’s not that hard! PROTECT your spouse and your life and ONLY have sexual intercourse with them!!! Stop living life so carelessly people! Let's all get it together!