Benefits of Social Media

Social Media!!!

I say it all the time! I LOVE TECHNOLOGY! I'm not a TV person at all. I watch TV sometimes but not much at all. However, online that is a different story. I am always using the internet in some form. All I need is the internet and my music and I'm straight! :) I don't need cable and all that extra stuff. ;) I am able to do a lot online, it saves me a lot of time! Researching, Shop, get caught up with my friends and family. I don't live near my close friends and family. So, social media is the way I keep in contact with 98% of the people in my life. They all live in another state, country, etc. However, just b/c I use social media a lot. I still know how to communicate face to face. :)

Being that I am now a Business owner. I will be using Social Media to my advantage and reach the masses. I think there has never been a time like the present - where business owners could reach like literally the whole world with a click of a button! It's AWESOME! An Awesome time to be a Business owner!

It is a GREAT tool to utilize for those who are in business and can display their services or merchandise online. It really is. I think as an Entrepreneur we should all really use it to our advantage.

Just like Business, I am also able to share my LOVE for CHRIST through social media! It's very ENCOURAGING to see others doing the same!!!!

If you put the RIGHT hashtags (for example #Jesus #Fashion #Pink #Spring) you can attract the right people you are trying to reach! It's amazing how fast and how popular your business, organization can blossom all b/c of social media and the right tags!

So, I really encourage you - if you have a business (something to offer) to create social media sites and use them to MARKET your business.

I use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Storenvy, of course Blogger and my website!

People have connected with me b/c of those hashtags! You never know who you may reach. So, I say don't be afraid of social media and using hashtags. Just make sure you use the right ones.

AND I try to keep business accounts separate from personal accounts. I say try to keep your personal life separate from the business account prevent drama and crazy situations. Although, in some cases it's unavoidable BUT thankfully - you have the ability to BLOCK people! :)

Just felt like talking about Social Media! :) 

Take Care & Be blessed!!!