Bad Habits

I think some people are reckless with their bodies. They eat whatever, do whatever and just don't care. Which saddens me. Your life is precious. You should care enough for yourself and your love ones to care what you put in it and how you manage your body.

Some people, they rely on God to just make them well. Yes, as believers we should know that our Heavenly Father will heal us. However, you shouldn't purposely not take care of your body and expect him to heal you from something you caused all on your own. It's one thing, to get an sickness/illness/diseases from other reasons....but if it's simple because you are just stuffing your face with whatever, doing harmful things. When you are physically & mentally able to not do them. If, I were God I would be like. I am not helping you, until you are ready to help yourself; by eating right, stopping those bad habits and doing the right things. You know you should be doing. Well, you can REJOICE and be glad I am not God! We all should rejoice and be glad that man is not God...or we would forever suffer.

I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers....and the old negative habits diminish turning into positive healthy choices.