My 1st Trip to Las Vegas

My first trip to Vegas...

I was 20 years old and it was around Thanksgiving Nov. 2003. My boyfriend at the time...was going home to visit his family and he was catching a flight out of Vegas to go home. So, while he went to see his family. Since, I didn't have any other plans - I figured I would just spend the four day weekend in Vegas. That way I would be there when he came back and wouldn't have to drive back there. At this time, I was stationed [Military] in Fort Irwin, California.

My plan, while their just browse around and check out what all Vegas was about. I had gotten me a cheap hotel room downtown of the strip at El Cortez....I believe that was the name of the hotel. So, I figured since it wasn't really in a safe place...with me being a female traveling by myself. I would only go out in the daytime and be back in my room by at least 6pm. I didn't have any extra money at the time to do anything extra. ..just window shop.

So, in the midst of me going through one of the hotels - walking through the casino area. I saw $200 on the floor by the door....and the first thing I did was I picked it up and immediately asked the guy who was sitting on the stool right next to it...if it was his.

This guy, just so happen to be a homeless man. So, when I asked...he didn't want to say no....but I knew after looking at his face and his appearance it was not his either. I remember looking into his eyes. He wanted it to be his so bad. I didn't really know what to what I did was...I split the money between the two of us. Gave him $100 and I kept $100. He was sooooo happy and secretly so was I b/c I didn't have any extra money. Money was tight! I was buying food cheap at a local Chinese spot. It cost like $6 a plate with drink. So, finding that money came in handy and just in time. I had a smile, just as he had a smile!

Although, I don't think I thought of it this way back then....but we both needed extra money and GOD supplied both of our needs!

It may not come in the form or place you would think BUT God will supply our needs. Grace!