Health Scare

So, as I grow and learn more about my body and how it works. I started researching and looking into taking vitamins and started taking different ones. According, to what I need b/c I don't eat enough food that are packed with these nutrients.

Vitamins are good....but what I am realizing from taking certain ones. They are good for one thing but BAD for me for another. A lot of these supplements cause my face to breakout. I went through my teenage years not having an acne problem...but as an adult! OMG! My skin is sensitive it irritates me b/c I can't just put anything on my face or it will make it worse. So, I've been struggling lately trying to find the right stuff to clean my face.

Not only is the vitamins causing my face to break out BUT weave. Anyone, who knows me personally know I love my weave ;) but certain brands...cause my face to breakout. So, I am like what 'chemicals' are they using these days? This didn't occur before!

I make clothing. I bought some materials and on the package. Which I saw AFTER I had purchased the items! It said, that they were chemicals in the product that could cause cancer and birth defects. "Shock Face" I mean, I am glad they put that there but I was like OMG! I can't sell this to people knowing this AND then I thought how many people see this warning and just don't care! I threw all of it away. As the store had a no return policy! Even though, I know the consumer wouldn't know. I would know...and it would just hunt me to know. I use that product knowing what could possible happen. It would be like me poisoning people. Not my goal!

So, it just really brings me to the point.....of questioning.....everything that we use! What is really in it?It is pros and cons in EVERYTHING!

We don't even see what's in a lot of things. Especially with clothing!

Hence...maybe, the reason more people are getting sick these days....b/c they are chemicals unknown to us...that are in the foods and the things we use on a daily basis!

Just be mindful of the things you are using. Research those names on those labels! Cheap is not always good nor expensive things and things with certain labels aren't always accurate. We can't live in fear but just be mindful of the products you are using. Do some research. If you notice certain things happening that is not right in your body. It is probably a cosmetic item, vitamin, food your eating, clothing your wearing, etc. Find the root and stop using, eating or wearing that thing! It's that serious these days!