Home Sweet Home

Not my home...just a pic of a home!

TODAY, marks my 8yrs Anniversary of living in Atlanta.

AND I finally feel like it's home and I belong here. My co-worker was like, it took you long enough. That's a BIG thing for me 'sense of belonging' - struggled with that my whole lil life....I get along with just about everyone but I just never felt like I belong.

Last year, at my former church there was a healing service back in November 2012. The Pastor asked all those who felt they had a calling on their lives to come up for prayer. So, I went and when he got to me. He agreed, I had a calling and he said all of your life...you have felt like you didn't belong anywhere: in your church, in your job, in any relationships you have had, family, etc. He was RIGHT and during that time...I was surely praying about the church part heavily...in that regard!

Now, months later I am in a new church home and I finally feel like I belong for the first time in my life! This church experience is different than any other for me b/c I'm not going there b/c it's convenient or limited choices, b/c someone invited me, nor b/c it's where my family goes or b/c I work there, etc. I go b/c I want to go there and I felt led to go there. I even did my research and asked others about the church before going. AND everyone who knew of the church said I would love it there and a few people actually thought that's where I went to church. So, this process was much different for me than a time before. This time, I prayed about it and I researched and looked at the goals of the church and they aligned with some of my goals/vision! Check Mark! Check Mark! :)

So, that makes my heart happy. To finally feel a sense of belonging! The craziest thing is I don't even know a lot of people at my new church home yet...but still I feel like I belong there - it's home!! AND everyone that I have come in contact with is helping me, to be a better me and I am just so GRATEFUL!!

God knows exactly what we need and when we need it! He will supply all of our needs! & Lord knows I needed some strong spiritual guidance and STRONGER Leadership - in this season of my life! Grateful, He answers prayers!!! :)

As well as, living in Atlanta....I just love it. Yes, I miss things of my hometown but I can always visit. In fact, when I do go....I miss Atlanta. So, yeah THANKFUL to finally have peace about living here....b/c when I first moved here from California - for the first 3-4 years. I was constantly thinking of moving back to the West Coast! After, I got over that...I've considered other states as well....but not anymore. I am finally at peace with living here and this is home!

Thank you Lord for this NEW season and I pray your GRACE continues to follow me all of my days!