I Surrendered! Relaxer Life = :)

Well, I surrendered back to the creamy crack [relaxer]! Lol! No more going natural for me! Nope, not about that life. I gave it a GREAT effort this time. I really did. This is my first relaxer this year! I even had to shave the back part of my hair when it was all coming out...b/c it was so damaged from mixing dye and relaxer together. Oh, not a good combo! So, I've decided no more me experimenting with colors. If I want color...there is weave for that! :)

I will tell you, it never felt so good to run my hands in my hair! To blow dry my hair. I have never been so excited to wash and dry my hair ever! Lol! That probably has to do with the length too! Not that much to wash/dry - quicker process! It still has some ways to go before it's back to my normal length....BUT from Sept. 2012 to now - the hair has made some good progress. I'm thankful my hair is strong and it's growing back healthy! :) Joy Joy Joy!!

This is what I used! Love it!
I've been doing my own relaxer for years...and I will say this relaxer took better than any of the other previous relaxers. I was surely worried how my hair would take b/c it's so thick and not having one for so long. However, it did good. My hair feels great and I didn't even put Vaseline on my scalp like I normally would to protect it from burning...and it didn't burn at all with this relaxer! So, I am excited that this one worked very well! :)