Knowledge is POWER!

Workshop for Fashion Designers....that I attended over the weekend....

Last week, I spoke about how important it is to be Passionate. If you have passion for what you do, you will be more productive.

Today, I want to talk about KNOWLEDGE!

It is very important for you to be knowledgeable in your field. It doesn't matter how talented you need to know the ins and the outs of how things work in your industry.  [ins and outs means: the correct and successful way to do something]

You will learn this stuff by researching, attending workshops, taking classes, speaking with others in the same field - who are successful! All of these things will help you to be more productive in your business.

To be successful, you want to know what you are talking about and doing. It will also save you money...the more you know, the less you will have to pay someone to do something for you.

It is something, I have been doing myself with starting my business. I've been taking classes and in the process of taking courses and attending workshops, events - you will be able to meet others in the field...who will give you pointers. You will meet people who have just started, been in for awhile or maybe a veteran. All of these stuff will benefit you in the long run.

So, I encourage you to get out there and learn, research, network and be productive!

I just discovered this site recently....check it out to meet others in your field.