Picking out a Gown!

Sorry for the delay in the posting. Got a lil behind in my schedule.

So, my church is having it's 20th year Anniversary in August. Since I am a very picky person. I've already started looking at various gowns....for the occasion.

So, in selecting a dress. Things about me...I do not like halter top dresses. I think they are pretty but I don't like how they feel around the neck...when I wear them. So, I prefer not to wear them. A lot of dresses these days expose the boobies....so will have to fix that! I always try on clothing before I purchase. Since I don't like returning things. So, I will go to a physical store to purchase one....but so far these are ones I found online that interest me....

I'm not big on sequence dress either.....but it's kinda cute.

This one is a maybe considering the neck issue.

This one maybe a lil too much lol but I love it!