Quiet Place

A lot of people have a quiet place inside their homes. It's a place where they go to be alone to study, read, invent, be creative, etc. In this place, they are relaxed, are at peace and their spirit gets rejuvenated. It's a place where they usually get a lot accomplish and they are able to fully concentrate and their thoughts come together, etc.

Me I like the outdoors and would like to find a nice safe quiet place outdoors! In my hometown, my quiet place was going to the beach or the water park. Those places were just so relaxing and comforting to me.

BUT living in Atlanta.....there is no real beach nearby - meaning like within a 30mins drive. So,whats a girl to do for a quiet place around here?

So, since my allergies are not a big issue anymore. Thank God for His Grace!! I have been on the quest recently to find a nice quiet spot...where I can go and just relax and enjoy nature - to study, read and/or draw. Get clarity. Get creative. Be at peace and enjoy the great outdoors. I expect to go to this place at least once a week.

If, you live in the Atlanta area. I welcome any places of interest, that you may consider.

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