Time Management

I was speaking with a friend recently. She said: Every time I talk to you, I feel like I am not doing enough.

This friend is currently struggling with her time management and completing her current tasks.

So, I responded you are struggling with your Time Management now. So, why are you trying to add more to your plate...when you don't have it together now?

When you are able to handle what you are doing now, then He will put more in your spirit to do. Until that time comes, you just focus on what you are currently doing and get that together. To act out of flesh and do something b/c you see me doing it. It will be you responding to your flesh and not of your spirit. Which will most likely cause you undue stress. 

She understood, where I was coming from...

God will place in our spirits things we should do AND when we need to do them! His assignments, He will give us the Strength and Energy to complete the tasks. When we are working out of our own flesh....we have to supply our own strength to complete those tasks.

It's a lot easier for me to recognize when I am doing something out of flesh or by spirit. When I realize I'm doing something out of my flesh. I cut it loose!