What I Eat!

My Health advice from personal experience:

I’m not a big health nut. Meaning, I don’t eat/drink things that say:  low-fat, fat-free, diet stuff or drink those protein shakes. Those things that you see in gyms and all that stuff. That stuff just screams disgusting, when I look at it! LOL

I’ve tried a few so I wouldn’t be biased and for me it’s disgusting! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! My taste buds do not agree with a lot of that stuff. I do like NAKED juice - the green, red, blue machine and berry veggie flavors!

Anyhow, since I have been watching my body more and more. I do notice when I eat certain things. I get sick! For instance, when I eat beef, lamb meats – I get really bad heartburn and/or it upsets my tummy! So, I try to limit my intake of those meats!!! If, I must indulge I try to take some digestive enzymes supplements before or after I eat it. To reduce, the side effects from eating it.

I use to love this Spinach & Cheese pizza but after awhile it started upsetting my stomach. So, I don’t eat it anymore. I don’t eat fried food much at all. BUT when I do, it tends to cause heartburn…so that helps keep me away from that! 

See my pattern, when things cause harm to my body -> I just stop eating it or limit my intake of it. Healing myself from issues! 

My diet typically consists of fruits, veggies, fish, turkey and some grains.  I don't eat a lot of grains like I use too!

Since, I have been eating a lot more veggies and fruits foods. I have notice a BIG difference in my health. I am not nearly as sick...like I use to be (not missing days at work from being sick) AND I am losing weight. Not quickly but it's coming off!! Healing thyself! It really makes a BIG difference of the foods we consume! I do try to get things that say organic, natural, no sugar added, no preservatives/additives, etc. It works! No diet pills! Just healthy eating of the RIGHT foods and RIGHT Exercise for your body! What may be a healthy food for one person, may not necessarily be healthy for your body. Same with exercises. Some people have to do extensive workouts to see results....where some people all they gotta do is take a walk. Do some research!

Everybody is different and what works for one person...may not work for you! Be patient and get to know your body and figure out what works for you....but healing is in the foods we are putting in our system. It is literally life or death! Choose foods and drinks wisely! RESEARCH!