Back to School Basics: School Shopping - Rent College Textbooks

Hey, thought I would drop in and leave some 'back to school' tips! Real quick :) 

Now is the time to purchase school supplies. Places near me like the grocery stores have them on sale. Buy one get one free, etc. Catch the sales, if you can. Uniforms have been on sale at different places as well. The place [Uniform Source] where I get my kid's uniform, had this facebook deal - if you go on their facebook page - you can buy 2 shirts get one free. Every lil bit helps. Find out if your store of choice have online deals, as well as, in store 

Also, if your child is a picky eater like mines. They will be taking lunch to school daily, you will need a good lunch box. We went through 2-3 lunch bags this past year. I would rather just have one to last the whole year.

I read "A Well Seasoned Life" review of the Planet Box lunch box and thought it would be fitting for my child and myself. Here is the review here -- Planet Box Review -- I also checked out Planet Box facebook page to see reviews from others. Here is another review from another blogger -> Another Lunch Review 

Some people complained about the price...but if I based the price off of the total cost of the lunch bags (damaged), containers that he lost, etc. I paid last year, it would be about the same. So, it's worth it to me. Plus, from the reviews people said it was of good quality. They are also eco-friendly and made out of safe, non-toxic, and recycled materials - no lead, PVC, phthalates, or BPA

Pottery Barn has some cool designs...PB_Planet Box


Going to College - it's cheaper to rent books vs. buying books and not needing them or wanting them in the future. I suggest you only purchase books you will need after school is over for reference, etc. 

So, I have included links to places where you can go to rent books. 

I used Chegg myself a lot in the past! I also sold books back to Amazon b/c they gave me more bang for my books compared to the other sites. So, do shop around to see which site better fits your pockets! Check your local bookstore and your school bookstore as well and compare prices. Definitely want to do this in advance!!

When renting text books - they charge by how long you will need the book and the actual price. You will save tons of money renting a book vs. buying it! Many people don't have a need for the book after the semester is over and then trying to sell it - is sometimes hard.

Here are the Rental Links: