Image - Meagan Good

Yesterday evening, social media went crazy after Meagan Good – presented the Gospel Award wearing this dress:

People were saying all sorts of stuff: She wore that dress to present a Gospel award? Isn’t she a Preacher’s wife? Did her husband approve of her wearing that dress?

Check out this article --> Huffington Post Article

Well apparently Mr. DeVon Franklin approved…as he is pictured with her in the gown.

Meagan’s choice of dress – probably not the best. If she wasn’t married to a Preacher. Most people wouldn’t have made such a big fuss BUT b/c her husband is a Preacher. I believe that’s why they made such a big deal about it.  

Side note, I have read he doesn’t have a congregation. He just has speaking engagements, etc. See article here --> Meagan Good & Devon Franklin

People like to say – you can wear whatever you want, etc. AND yes, you can wear whatever you want – to a certain extent. As believers of Christ and those who actually spread the gospel to encourage people to follow Christ. I believe we should set ourselves apart from the world b/c people are watching us and how we present ourselves. They are watching how we treat people, how we talk to people - our character, how we take care of our children/home, how we spend our money, how we dress…just about every area of our lives is on display to people of the world. So, we should be striving to live righteous lives.

...we are instructed to turn from godless living and sinful pleasures. We should live in this evil world with wisdom, righteousness, and devotion to God...  Titus 2:12 

They are watching how WE conduct ourselves. We step out of line and do something they feel is not appropriate. It causes some of them to stumble in their walk with Christ and make them think it’s okay to do and behave in such a way…when it isn’t.

I know if I were to post pics of myself on social media of me exposing my breast, my butt or with me consuming alcohol. People would not take me seriously, at all. It’s all about image and the image you want to portray and should portray. I don’t criticize people or make someone feel bad – when I see them wearing or doing things that I may find inappropriate. B/c there was a time – where I did and wore things that were inappropriate. God started to show me the things I needed to work on and improve. So, when I see others doing things that I know is inappropriate or dressing in a way that is probably not best. I believe when they know better they would do better – hopefully. So, I just pray for them - that the Holy Spirit will deal with them in that area. 

I’m not saying we should go dressing like a nun – all covered up from head to toe…BUT we should be modest in how we dress in public. It’s all about the image we are portraying. For me personally, if I were married – my husband would be the only one allowed to see me in certain garments. A lot of clothing that people are wearing nowadays in public – looks like lingerie. In my opinion. It’s cute but it's not appropriate for me to wear in public. 

For Example:

Your image is how you want to be remembered by others. So, be mindful of how you carry and present yourself.  AND don’t let what someone else does – cause you to stumble in your walk. Your walk is your walk and their walk is their walk with Christ. Focus on your own walk. 

"For we are each responsible for our own conduct." Galatians 6:5