So, as I age. My skin is aging too! Hehe! I am experiencing breakouts. I shared with you all in one of the previous post - some of the things I believe were causing the breakouts. Well, I am still battling the acne issue. I need a solution!

So, I went to what I will call my favorite Beauty store SEPHORA and as always the ladies - help a sista out!!

I went to this other Beauty store - which I will not name - b/c the experience wasn't so lovely. I told them I was experiencing breakouts and I needed a good facial cleanser for my face. My skin is super sensitive. I tried using some stuff that I thought might work and they just made my face worse. So, I just stick to 'soap and water'. Well, that is not working so much these days. So, I need extra help!

They asked me a million questions and then refused to even offer me anything to try but told me I needed to get one of their facials. I told them I didn't come to get a facial. So, I left the store an unhappy customer!! Not saying, that I couldn't use one. Probably could, as I have never had one....but that's not what I went their for. I wanted a facial cleanser to use at home!

BUT my ladies at Sephora - are always helpful! When I needed help on the make up on how to apply the eye stuff - they took their time and showed me and gave me tips. Told me the proper brushes to use, they really taught me a lot. So, this past Saturday - I went in there and was talking to one of the ladies about my face and how it was breaking out and I didn't know what to use. I told her about the other store experience and how I just went to another store and just picked up something and it seemed to help a little bit. So, being a good person she was - she gave me this sample of "Philosophy Clear Days Ahead" for me to try and see how it works on my face. She made a good impression on me. So, when I have any Beauty needs - Sephora is where I will go! Always so helpful! Hopefully, this cleanser will make a difference on my face. However, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE goes a long way!! Thanks Sephora!

My Sample

Actual Product