Summer Wrap Up!

Hey Readers!!!!

So, no blogs this week. I started typing up a few and didn't finished. I am actually in preparations to move. Not a planned move but such is life. ;) So, over the next couple of weeks. I will be a ghost - as I do my moving and prepare my child for school along with spending some quality time with him before school starts on August 5. He's been gone all summer to his grandma's. Hard on me but THANKFUL for his grandma and it allowed him the opportunity to get to know his father side of the family. So, gotta spend quality time with him one on one and hear all about his summer. AND we will discuss our plans for the new school year and how we are going to tackle everything in our new schedule. As a parent, I feel it's important we discuss with our children what we expect from them and the steps we should take to accomplish our goals, etc. So, my lil guy and I have these conversations quite often - since he's at an age where he understands!

Time to get back with the program and get in tuned with school schedules and all that hoopla! :) I will also be going to Bible school at my church every Saturday, starting in the Fall. So, I can grow and learn more and be of better use for the Kingdom. So, we have a lot to stay focused on.

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer thus far. I have been thinking of ways to make my blog a lil more active. I actually like the less comments, in some aspects...b/c it's less work. ;) ~ However, I feel I should be a bit more interactive with you all. That all requires a plan! So, to the drawing board we go! :)

I will post to my fb and instagram pages - when I can over the next couple wks. You can follow me there. 

Wishing you all a blessed next couple of weeks. See you in August! :-)