Christ the Healer

On this past Monday, I had my first Allergy attack since March! While at the doctor with my kid. He was like you need to see the doctor Mommy b/c you are sick.

He was right I was but I pushed through b/c that’s what Single Mommies do.. AND I was grateful b/c I know I was doing a lot over the summer being outside for long periods (which is something I couldn’t do without getting sick before), even living with Mold (for at least 2 months) without knowing and these last 3 weeks I have been super busy and not getting enough rest or eating properly. So, I know that I could have been sick a lot sooner…but God kept me well. Thankful!

Monday night, my son says to me b/c of my allergy to Animal Dander: Mommy, you know you are going to have to ask God to heal you b/c He created Living Creatures first and he didn’t create them to make you sick…and they are everywhere. So, you are going to have to ask God to heal you.  Read Genesis 1:20-28

Wisdom from a child! I just smiled and said you are RIGHT. It’s what Mommy is doing and I showed him the book. I picked up recently to help me with studying God’s word about Healing. So, I can fully understand how God heals us. I picked up “Christ the Healer” – I have the edition that is highly recommended from others. Many people have received healing and understand the POWER of HEALING more after reading this particular book along with the bible.

Glasses Oct 2011
I know in the past that God has healed me from things, including my eyesight! Wore glasses for about a month or so and then I didn’t need them anymore! Nothing but God’s GRACE! Earlier, this year I had to get a Biopsy done on my neck. I had a very enlarged thyroid nodule, my doctor said it was triple the size it was years ago when they first did an ultrasound. Got the results back from the biopsy and was relived that it was not cancerous! Praise GOD!

BUT then, I have bad Allergies (although they have improved greatly) and a Thyroid condition (Hashimoto Hypothyroidism), etc…and I’m like I need HEALING to get rid of those things completely! So, I need to know what I need to be doing… so I can receive complete healing for those things, as well. I remember speaking with others in the past…that believe that God was punishing them, in not healing them – to teach them a lesson. They think Paul’s ‘thorn in the flesh’. So, I thought about that.. I have since learned that God does not punish us in that way. In this book, I picked up it has a whole chapter on “Paul’s Thorn” because many people believe that.

As, I dig into this book it has been an eye-opener already for me. The first thing it says in Chapter one is that: BEFORE PEOPLE CAN HAVE a steadfast faith for the healing of their body, they must be rid of all uncertainty concerning God's will in the matter.  Appropriating faith cannot go beyond one's knowledge of the revealed will of God.  Before attempting to exercise faith for healing, one needs to know what the Scriptures plainly teach, that it is just as much God's will to heal the body as it is to heal the soul.

If GOD can heal the small things, we NEED to know and have BIG FAITH that GOD can and it is His will to heal the BIG things too! We must ACTIVATE our FAITH!

My son knows, anytime he gets sick. Mommy is going to pray over him. He also, prays for himself. So, he knows God is a healer! While, I prayed over him on Sunday b/c of his illness – I heard in my spirit “All is well” – So, for me that meant. He would be okay. So, don’t worry and I didn’t stress out about it. The only reason, I took him to the doctor was b/c I didn’t want the school thinking he was contagious or anything. So, they could write a note saying he was good to attend school until the reaction went away.  AND that they did and Tuesday morning, he was well and looking normal again! Praise God!


Here is a pdf link to the edition of the book I have - ---- You can print out, read and study too and be blessed! They also sell it on Amazon! Google it! 

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