Gettin Lucky Fishing on Lake Lanier

Over the weekend, the lil guy and I went FISHING for the first time! A old college classmate of mines, started a Fishing Company called "Gettin Lucky Fishing". So, we went to explore his world! He has over 17yrs of fishing experience and loves what he does! My son and I had a GREAT time. It was a great first time experience. I also learned that it was more to fishing than I ever thought!

Like you need to have a fishing licenese to fish! I mean I can understand Scott needing one...but never did I know those people who are sitting on the side of the bridges, etc. Having a fishing license. Didn't know that....but the good thing is they are not expensive to obtain. 

The Striper Fish

Well, from my trip...we caught a BIG Striper Fish. As, I was reeling it in....I was like OMG...this thing is HEAVY! Then as I kept reeling it in....I'm like I have been doing this for quite some time. When is this fish going to come up from underneath the water!! LOL - It was challenging. It made me realize to be a fishermen, someone who does this regularly - you need to have some strong biceps! Here is a picture of the fish. I didn't want to touch Scott is holding it! My son captured the picture.

Then on the boat...Scott has this GPS for fishing device - is what I call it...where it detects where the fishes are and where the trees underneath the water are located. So, he knows where to go to fish. Pretty cool, I thought. Gotta love technology! 

Fishing rods in holder! Lake Lanier

Overall, it was a great first time experience. More to fishing than I ever thought. Scott is heading to Florida soon --- so be sure to follow him on Facebook and Youtube, to keep up with "Gettin Lucky Fishing"!!! If you live nearby, where he will be in Florida be sure to schedule your Fishing Adventure with him!

The View was lovely!

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