Lack of Support - Lee Daniels' The Butler

I saw Lee Daniels' The Butler Movie and was greatly inspired after watching that film.

First, I will say it was a great movie overall!  One thing, that really inspired me in this film was that. The parents didn’t support Louis Gaines, in what he felt in his heart to do. But did that stop him. No! He did it anyway, without their support.  

Have you ever experience, not having people you love supporting you? If you have, than you know first-hand that hurts. Maybe you are in that moment now. Where, you may even feel alone at times. Not having support, can really get you down. You wonder is this even worth it? Why am I am doing this? No one cares but me.

Guess what! You are someone and if you care than someone cares. They just don’t see what you see. AND if they do, maybe they are not BRAVE enough to do what you are doing. So, they make you feel like it’s not attainable.

I’m here to tell you don’t let them, whoever they are – keep you from achieving the things, you want to achieve in your lifetime. If you surrender to their negativity you will never have peace. You will be living your life to please them.

That’s not how we are to live.

In Louis case, his parents knew what he was doing was the right thing. They just feared losing their son in death.  So, it wasn’t that they didn’t think he was doing a good thing. They feared the outcome, if he wasn’t successful.

In some of your situations, that may be the scenario. It’s not that you are doing something wrong. It’s that others aren’t as BRAVE as you to go the distance, that you are willing to go. They may be afraid for you, about what will happen to you, if things aren’t successful.  

BUT guess what, YOU can’t let that stop you. You must do it anyway!

God gives each of us a vision. When, we follow His way. He will go before us, and make the crooked places straight! [Isaiah 45:2] Yes, it may not be an easy tasks but those of us who are in Christ. Should not be distracted by the naysayers! We must go & do anyway. When GOD gives you a vision, He already knew you were fit to get it done. Trust Him to lead the way and follow Him! Keeping your eyes on Him and Him alone!  

AND if God is for you – who could stand against you! 

  Love, Peace & Christ brings out the TRUE Beauty in YOU! 

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