My Red Dress!!

Well, those of you who keep up with me...

Here is the dress I wore to my church 20th Anniversary. It's not a good shot b/c of the lighting but here it you see what I wore! :) I got the dress on sale. I used shoes, earrings and a necklace - I had in my closet! 
Floor Length Dress

Plunging Back...exposing the back a lil
My Accessories

I wore these gold Sandals I got from Bakers shoe store back in 2010. I had only worn them they were in good shape, for this occasion. I purchased my dress and handbag from Paris a formal dress store in the mall. Picture to the right, is of my accessories. Don't mind the layout lol it's how I sent it to my friend...b/c I was unpacking stuff.

I didn't get a lot of pics in the dress b/c...guess what phone battery died!! My lil purse was too small to be traveling with the digital camera. I have realized more and more, I need to start traveling with it as a back up b/c the battery life on these phones are not reliable!

Someone did take a side view pic of looked cute if you took my arms out of it! Lol, I asked her not to post that pic on social media! LOL [Seriously] Heads to the gym ---> to work out ARMS! OMG! 

I went to Macy's at Cumberland Mall to get my make-up done. I don't wear a full face of makeup, hardly ever!! [This was the 3rd or 4th time in my life.] So, it felt REALLY while they are doing your face. They are tons of people walking by (in the mall that is)! Lol! Talk about uncomfortable... but they all said nice things (gave compliments). So, I suppose it wasn't bad. ;) Kim did my face. We tried Lancomes new foundation, which is suppose to be better for  your skin. See pic to the right.

Well, that thing turned my face like a clay red color! Lol! Should of took a pic. So, you could see the difference! Thankfully, it changed before I left and they could change out the color! They ended up using one of the older foundations. They even did my eyebrows! No ones, ever done that. Mona darken them in. That was really weird looking! Lol! She also used a eye liner for my lip. So, that's not lipstick. The things you can do with makeup!

All the products on my face are from LANCOME. I did my own hair. I typically always do my own hair. Thanks to the Beauty Supply stores and weave/wigs! Works wonders!! I did my own nails. I put clear polish on them. I'm not into getting the acrylic nails...not a fan. Even if I were a fan, I do to much stuff and they won't last long for me. I would have broken nails. Lol! They cost too much to be getting damaged a day later!

Overall, they all did a GREAT job on my face. I just gotta get use to wearing a full face for special occasions! I don't have it in me to wake up early to do all of that. It's hard enough struggle to wake up early  to spend time with God, workout, breakfast, make sure the lil guy has everything all together for school and myself ready by 7am! That's already a lot! So, makeup will only be for special things. Ain't nobody got time for all of that in the mornings! Power to you chick's who do make the time - every morning.

Overall, the night turned out wonderful. Had a great time! I will definitely wear this dress again someday! Next time, I'll get someone to snap more pics of me in it! Hopefully, by then I will learn how to pose better while taking pics - so I like the pictures. ;)

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