Moving Upward

I read this devotional this morning titled: Are You Ready to Move?

It’s interesting b/c there has been a lot of movement going on in my world over the last 2 years!

If you have been following my blog. You will see I had to move quite a lot in the last 2 years.

In April 2012, I moved in with a roommate to cut expenses to pay off debts – in my quest to becoming debt free and have extra funds – to fund my business ventures. Then the end of November 2012 – we had to move from this home b/c of a family emergency and my roommate needed the extra space to house an ill family member. So, we moved out. We stayed with my mom for a couple of months, until I knew what to do next. Then we moved to a home in Feb. 2013, which was an apartment attached to someone’s house. Then, this July 2013 – we had to move again b/c of an unexpected issue in that apartment that would cause Health issues. So, you do the math in 2 years we have moved four times. OMG!

When we moved to do the roommate thing. I gave away a lot of things and sold a few things. When I moved from the roommate, I gave away more things. When I was forced to move b/c of the Health concerns – we lost a lot of things b/c of the damage that incurred! That was heartbreaking. I didn’t cry initially but I did eventually. It all seemed like too much and as a single parent. Who finance everything. Ah, all of this moving had become very expensive and now it was like we were starting all over. Literally! GRATEFUL nonetheless for good Health and being able to do – what all we needed to do. God’s GRACE!

One of my friends, he said to me. God will restore all that you have lost, the best is yet to come. So, whenever I wanted to cry afterwards or get upset. I would just think about what he said. This time, since it was an urgent move. I didn’t rely completely on myself for finding a place. I asked for help and my friend pointed me in the right direction. Thankfully.

Not only have I moved from home to home. I’ve also had to move from a church, where I attended for 6 years. That was a very hard move for me emotionally b/c of the attachment but I knew spiritually – it was time for me to move. I had been seeking for guidance in the matter for quite a while. So, then I arrived at my current home. AND for the first time, I felt a sense of belonging I hadn’t felt before. So, I knew I was at home. BUT before I could say – that I would be here forever my spirit said: “In this season, is where you need to be”  

---So, okay ---

In the last couple of weeks, a transition was made at my new church home and well now I understood why I couldn’t say I would be here forever. Emotionally, I was not happy. I was confused and I went to my Father [God] and asked Him – what is the reason behind this transition? You know, I have only been here for 6 months? I finally feel like I belong somewhere and this happen. Why would you bring me here knowing this was coming? Yes, I whined, complained and just let it all out!  Spiritually, I felt that everything would be well. I had peace about it all, I didn’t feel anything in my spirit negative about the transition. BUT I just didn’t like it…

Despite me not liking this transition. Who am I. I am not God. I don’t make the decisions. He does. He knows, what He is doing. He always has a plan.

For I know the plans I have for you, “declares the Lord,“
 plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

From my six months of being in my new church home. It has not been in vain. I have gained confidence within myself. I have a new respect for those in Authority. I have grown a lot spiritually – in just a short period of time.  AND if I had not been brave enough to leave my last church home and come to this church...who knows how long it would have taken me to get to this level in my walk with Christ. It was as if it required, a special type of anointing to get my little stubborn self to move. Being under the leadership of my Pastor, really opened up my spiritual eyes – to a whole new way of living for Christ. It also, made me finally accept my calling into Ministry. That so many others in Ministry, have been telling me for years. But lil ole stubborn me – well that’s not something I wanted to do. Ha. BUT now during this 40 days journey. I have surrendered to Christ and accepted it. Well, He doesn’t leave you alone either!!

All of this moving has not been fun. It’s been challenging. It’s been uncomfortable. Once you get comfortable, the next thing you know – you gotta pack up and move on to the next level. During this process, it is very unflattering. However, in our spiritual walk with Christ. In order, to go where God intends for us to be…we have to be READY to move – when it’s time to move. Whatever, we may lose in the process – we will regain that and more in our future. So, we can’t stay stuck on all the things and/or people we have to leave behind. Greater is coming!

Our Heavenly Father, will only lead us to GREAT and MIGHTY things. Which no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him. So, whatever season you are in…keep seeking God and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you into your destiny. You will not be disappointed. The BEST is YET to come!

This week, I enrolled myself into Ministry school with my Pastor as my Mentor. To gain more knowledge of the word on a deeper level and better equip myself for the works of the Lord. I am excited and can’t believe I am doing this. BUT despite what’s going on in the natural. I am privileged that my Pastor, is still willing to assist me and help me! That’s what I call a Good Leader, who put the needs of others before their own! 

AND I ask that you keep me in your prayers, as I travel on this new journey…moving Upward with Christ! Amen! 

Love, Peace and Christ brings out the TRUE Beauty in YOU! 

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