2013 Reflection Pics

Can you believe...it is only TWO more months left in this year! OMG! WOW! AND Fall weather is definitely here! Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

While, I was sick...it gave me time to reflect on my life and all the progress. I have made this year! 

I am very GRATEFUL, that I stepped outside of my comfort zone!! I can seriously say that I definitely lived this year different than the previous. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and tried many new things. Went places...I probably wouldn't have in the past...without fear. I was also blessed to have been introduced to so many different people in Ministry! My, my, my - so many NEW faces I know now - that I didn't know before. God is awesome!

I am loving that I am growing spiritually and that I am being obedient and following wherever He leads me- these days! Great rewards come when we are obedient! This has been quite a year...can't wait to see what it finishes up to be and what next year has to offer. The best is yet to come and I am READY! :)

Please note: I deleted my Coasta Mi twitter and instagram account. It was simply too much to keep up with. So, I only have the one Twitter and Instagram account @coastag - FB two accounts: www.facebook.com/coasta & www.facebook.com/coastami -Follow and Like as you would like too! :)

Also, I will post here at least once or twice a week (preferably more) but I realize that I really should just post when I have something of quality to say. I don't want to get to the point where I'm just posting just to post and it's of no value. I could have done without it...you know what I mean. Plus, as I pile more duties on myself...I don't want to over do it. So, sign up to receive an email when I post a new post. So, you keep up. The box is at the bottom of the page "Stay Connected"

Here are some pics of different things this year. I was going to post some other pics....but my SD card got damaged some how and I lost over a 1,000 pics! Oh, Sweet Jesus! Got's to do better and have them auto backup to my online pic account!!

This is an old pic from Jan. 2012 but I was reflecting on how I don't need glasses anymore and how I am losing weight! I look  different now! :) Grace!!
J Moss & 21o3 Performed for Labor Day wknd
Coasta Mi's first event in May of this yr - learned a lot and meet others!!
Volunteered for a 5K and meet a Great New friend!
Found a nice quiet place to spend with Father [GOD]. I love this place!
I don't eat out much. I'm funny about restaurants and it gets expensive and old. BUT I tried this new place and loved it!
Homeless Youth Outreach - saw a teen here that reminded me of me when I was 15! I was literally speechless when I saw her b/c it literally was like a flashback moment! So, I just loved on her. She had a quiet spirit like myself. So all I could do was love on her....but I'll never forget that.
CTC Conference - Deborah Hightower (Singer/Songwriter and more) and Brian D. Barton (Professional Baseball player, Author and more) - Brian also gave me some GREAT pointers for writing a book and just helping me with the direction I am going. Blessed to have meet him! :)
Evangelist Perry Stone - he did a prayer over $1 bills and we are to keep it to remind us about our Covenant with God, etc. This is my son and my $1 bill. He also delivered a word for me on that Sunday that was like WOW only God knows what I was thinking and he literally just comforted my soul...with all the questions I had in my mind with his Preaching!!! God is so Good!
Evangelist Marilyn Hickey - never knew who she was until this year and I am just in AWE of her ministry and all that she still does at her age 84! Just WOW. God's GRACE!
1st time Serving at FCC this year...me Pink shirt with my flag holding a different direction than everyone else lol
Dr. Fred Price and Wife - Dr. Price delivered an awesome on time word for me that day...I almost didn't make it either b/c I was getting frustrated about the parking issue. Lol! I know! But I'm glad I was able to hear his msg!
Be You Conference - Awesome fellowship with friends even saw some old church members that had left my other church whom I hadn't seen in a long time! Martha Munizzi (Singer), Janette...ikz (Poet)