Alexander McQueen

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wore a white Alexander McQueen skirt and jacket for Prince George’s christening. I loved her outfit. 

I am under the weather this week...hoping to feel better real soon!! Didn't want to leave my readers hanging two days in a row. ;-) 

I like a lot of Alexander McQueen's designs...but I don't like the Skull designs. So, if I could afford this high quality clothing and accessories. I would never purchase any of the items with the skull design. It's quite a trend...I've seen other brands do the skull design as well...but its not my cup of tea! I'm not a trend follower. I do my own thing. :)

I am a suit girl! I love to wear suits and dresses! I am currently, researching for my Sarafina collection, which will be a suit collection. Picking out the RIGHT fabric is WOW a lot of work. This whole picking fabric, buttons, zippers, prints, etc...the right time consuming to find the right perfect ones. A lot of people go abroad to get the nice quality fabric they would like...if my funds allowed. I surely would be traveling to do the same!! :) Let's speak it into existence, shall we. Lol! 

Anyhow, here are a few of my favorite looks from Alexander McQueen's collection - that would be nice for Fall wear.  

love the bag not the skull design