Food Love

So, most people like to eat. That's no secret! There is a saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Some men are picky eaters and have special maintain their built. Lol. So, it is one of my prayers that I am fully able to supply all of my future husband needs in every area. Yes, I pray that prayer faithfully! :)

I like to do random things, to show love. So, with food. I have kitchen cookware that are shaped like hearts, kisses, different shapes, etc. So, I can bake or cook things in those shapes. So, the recipient smiles when they see it. It also allows them to know that I wanted them to feel special. Kids love it! My son loves it. He also likes helping me preparing the items...well when I am making him some treats. ;)  He was away for Fall to show that Mommy missed him. I baked him some chocolate chip cookies to have for dessert after dinner. He was happy. :) 

It's really the little things that makes a big difference. If this isn't something you do. Give it a try one day. It will bring a smile to your child, significant other or loved ones faces. Show love through your food. 

Heart Shape Pound Cake I made

Heart shaped cookies me and my son made together.

Apple Shaped truffle, I made to show love to my son's teacher.

Don't have this but thinking of investing in it. My son is an animal this would bring a smile to his face to have animal shaped pancakes. :)

Thought this was cute. Make food fun and interesting.

Made these for Church one year for Easter - Heart shaped rice krispie treats and lil eggs basket rice krispie treats. Kids loved them.

Love, Peace & Christ brings out the True Beauty in YOU! 

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