Hey Guys!!

selfie pic no makeup...just my everyday look!
Bonjour my readers!!

I hope you guys are all doing well on this Friday!! Sorry for not posting my Encouragement post today! I do apologize. I fell asleep early last night! Oops! Guess I was tired!! AND doing that, I didn't finish my post and it's been a busy morning!!

In that note....as my plate gets a little fuller. I'm going to try to make sure to post on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. Tuesday's and Thursday's will be a bonus...if I post on those days.;-) Gotta balance it all.

AND if you need to read something on a subject. Just type in a word in my search box below...and all of the articles in reference to that word will pop up. I have over 400 posts. So, it's probably something I have written about before. Please excuse any errors...that you may find. I thought about editing the past posts but that's a lot of work! ;-)

Anyhow, Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you are all doing well...and what all I share here is uplifting and encouraging for you and your life. If you need prayer be sure to send your request to prayer@coastami.co or click the Prayer Requests tab above and complete the form!

Have a good weekend loves! <3

God Bless! *mauh*