Keep Going

So, this past weekend. I was able to put on some pants; that I have not worn since before my son was born and he will be 8yrs old in 2 months!! Can we say...I was pretty excited!!! :) Granted, its a snug fit but it fits without any pain or struggle to get on. Lol. Before kid, it was a lot looser...but this means I have made some progress in this weight loss journey. YAY me!! Gonna get there!

I haven't been keeping up with the numbers b/c that makes me sad. I see more results in inches than I do on that scale. So, no need to hurt my eyes from the horror of that sight. So, I go by how my clothing fit me. I got some lil shorts, I can't wait to be able to put on! Ha!  :) And other things are fitting nicer and better - that were a lil tight when I bought it. I use it as my tool to keep working out. My body doesn't lose weight fast at all. So, I need all the motivation I can get to keep at it.  

Thoughts I use to motivate me nowadays:
How am I going to look in those pictures? 
How do I want my future husband to see me for the first time nude on our wedding night? 
I want to be in good health, to be able to do things with my kid and to live longer!
Working out is good for your health and helps your mood: to be able to talk to others and show love. 
After marriage, working out will help with the bedroom activities! ;) 

So, when I am having an off day...don't feel like it...I think about those things! Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to STAY motivated! Encourage Yourself!

I also know that if I want to keep seeing progress and stay fit once I reach that desired size. I will have to continue to eat right and exercise. I can't just quit. If I did, I will get out of shape. It may not look it on the outside but internally, I would be a mess.

Made me thought of our relationship with Christ. If we just quit reading and studying His words, when we reach a certain point. We won't continue to grow. We will be stagnant. So, we must continue to feed ourselves with the word for as long as we have BREATHE! To keep growing spiritually and be spiritually fit.

In everything, we do, we can't just stop b/c we reach our desired destination. We must keep going in order to see continual growth! Like in a marriage, you don't stop doing things you did to get your mate. You keep doing those things and more to enhance your relationship with your spouse and to have a successful marriage. Things are always changing in life. If you just stop. You're going to always be behind. Life doesn't stop b/c we do. It keeps going!