Older Men

Despite me having a young face. Older men, have always target me. I have always gotten more attention from them than I do any other age group. The older I get...the less I find it cute...for older men 16+ to try to talk to me. Maybe b/c they are really old now - like Grandpa! Lol! Lately, several of them are shocked at how old I actually am. They thought, I was younger! Arrgh!!!

I will admit. I know I look super young...depending on how I have my hair..what I have on, etc. It appears when I wear makeup, I look a lil more mature and older. However, it makes me disgusted b/c now I see them as a pervert! Not all, just the ones that say you look younger and I get a negative vibe in my spirit about them. They say that b/c they thought, I was young...and naive...that they could play games on in stuff. Ha! I was once that girl BUT Thank GOD! I am not that young naive girl anymore. So, perhaps b/c I use to be that girl. Maybe, that's why it irks my nerves so and when I see other younger females falling for their bull. It really breaks my heart. It truly does. I know, I can't save them all but I hope to enlighten the ones I can! Not all older men are bad, some are good and have good intentions..but some...just want to have fun and take advantage of you! Be wise in your dealings with MEN in general! They will only do what you allow. Have more RESPECT for YOU and let NO ONE take advantage of YOU!