Sassy, Single & Satisfied!

So, I was in need of some encouragement in my Singleness Journey! Searching for a book to help me.  On the way to the son asked: if he could purchase a book. I said, sure. So, while he was searching for a book. I was like you know, let me see if there is something here that may interest me…and what did I find!! This book and it was on sale for 25cents! Couldn’t pass it up at that price! I started reading that night and finished it a few days later!

As, I was reading this book. I felt as if it was a letter from my Father [GOD] – that He wrote just for me…answering all of my lil questions I had or emotions I was feeling.  Although, most of it were things I have already heard before or know BUT being that I was thirsty for some ENCOURAGEMENT in this journey! It was like a FRESH new revelation, revealed to me.  Just like the word of God - even though we have read a lot of it before and may have even heard a sermon on it before.  When we are in need to get a new revelation on the word. We see the scriptures differently! 

So, GRATEFUL God answers prayers…and this book really showed me that He knew exactly what I needed to Encourage my spirit in this season of being Single! 

Snippets from the book: 

"Men are distracting!" 

"Is your desire for love in your life a sin? Absolutely not! However, if it has become an idol - if it consumes all your thoughts 24/7 and affects every decision you make - then I would dare to say you've crossed the line. You are on dangerous ground. What you are really saying is that God is not enough. Not enough to satisfy you. That true fulfillment can be found apart from Him. "

"Do not be afraid to want what you want. I am willing to give it to you if you will only acknowledge what you want and RELEASE it back to Me." 

"In most cases, we are where we are simply because of God's timing and divine plan for our lives."

The timing of reading this book was PERFECT for me and it really is a simple read! If you are struggling in your Singleness -> Check out the book and if you do - I hope it blesses you like it did me!  

Love, Peace and Christ brings out the TRUE Beauty in YOU! 

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