Shopping on a Budget!

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So, times are tough financially for a lot of people. We all have to watch our spending. Can't go into the Mall and blow money on just anything. You have to make wise decisions when spending money. I personally only go to the Mall - when I am in need of something. That way it reduces the temptation to purchase something and stick to my budget.

BUT just because you are on a budget. You can still live and get nice things. You just have to know where and how to shop. Know what you are going to the store for...and don't spend anymore than that amount! Set Goals for shopping!!

As a teen, I had to buy my own clothing when I started working. So, I would get up EARLY on Saturday mornings and go to the Sears Department store near my house. I would shop their clearance rack. I would get really nice things for dirt cheap! $1, $2, $5 a item!

So, now being a Single Mommy. I'm glad in some sense I had to do that b/c that prepared me for this life. AND I am good with waking up early Saturday mornings - to go shopping and surf the clearance racks and find some really GREAT deals for me and my kid! I always get compliments on my clothing - of how nice my outfit is, etc. So, they are really nice stuff.

Over the last few years....I have become a fan of shopping at the thrift stores! You can find all kinds of stuff in those stores! So, I can't stay in there too long...b/c I'll get in trouble.

Here are some of my deals: 

Thrift Store $5.95

Thrift Store Jackets $5.95 each and Dress for $10 on Clearance at Department Store

Pictures thrift store/yard sale finds; treasure box on clearance at furniture store

Thrift Store!!

Also, for movie lovers. Well, I'm not sure if they do this at all libraries but in my area... You can check out movies. So, instead of buying movies check them out at the library. It's cheaper than buying or renting. Renting adds up. Checking out at the library = FREE! The library has a variety of movies to choose from! Nowadays, most people don't watch a movie more than once - anyway - so it doesn't make sense to waste money buying it.

Do what your pockets can afford! I also wait for most movies to go to the $1 theater and then I take my kid and go! Or we catch them before noon - when the price is cheaper! 2 for one!

So, it really doesn't matter - where you shop and how much you pay for something. You can make anything work. Just change your perspective. You can ENJOY life and have nice things on a budget!

Love, Peace & Christ brings out the True Beauty in YOU! 

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