I saw this outfit inspiration the other day and thought: How lovely it would be to wear this when I take my trip to Africa. It feels so fitting because of the colors and the energy. :) Then, I thought of some of the places that I may visit...and how inappropriate my attire might be. How some would perceive I pass through their town, etc. It may be offensive. I may not be accepted. I would probably have to change into something more appropriate to travel safely to different places.

This made me think about our Relationship with Christ and how people see we pass by them. Do they see the God in us? Are they offended? What do they see?

Once we accepted Christ, as our Savior. We are now His ambassadors. [2 Corinthians 5:20] We are expected to renew our minds...

That means, as we travel this Christian journey in order for us to reach our destiny and to reach the lost. We have to change our speech, change the way we dress in some cases, change the things we do, change the way we think, etc. So, that when people see us coming. They see Christ! 

Love, Peace & Christ brings out the True Beauty in YOU!