You Never Know Who is Watching You

Social Media has become one of the FASTEST ways to getting your stuff out there. I attended this event over the weekend and the main speaker for the event. Said the following: People started reaching out to me because of the things, I posted on my social media accounts. I didn’t do anything, they reached out to me. She went on to say, you never know who’s watching YOU! 

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It’s so TRUE! My blog had over 3,000 views last month. I sure wouldn’t have known that b/c 99% of my viewers don’t leave comments. Same with my FB Coasta Mi page – I only have a little over 100 likes but had a lil over 500 views in the last week. If I didn’t have these stats report. I would have no idea how many people are viewing the things I posts on my blogs and fb page. For my personal twitter and fb page. I have no idea b/c I don’t get a stats report for those accounts. If I’m getting those views for these things. No telling, how many people are looking at my personal pages! My hope is that all that I post in social media world is beneficial and blesses people in some way. BUT it does help encourage me to know when it is effective.

These days in time, social media is a BIG platform; to express yourself, allowing you the ability to share whatever you want. Reaching people all over the world without being on TV or the radio, etc. You hear it all the time. How quickly people become successful b/c of social media.  Many people are afraid of social media for various reasons. BUT I’ve found if you use it in the right way and block those negative drama folks. It’s actually a great tool to utilize.

At this event, we had to walk around and ask people certain questions. They were a lot of older people there, older than myself (I’m 30). AND I was probably the only one who was not a part of the panel. Who actually had a twitter account and use it. That was sad…b/c these people have businesses or something going…and no nothing on social media going on. I was like how do you network and/or promote your stuff??

It’s probably the reason there is no growth. Pushing your stuff to the same people over and over; they get tired of that – especially, if they have no interest in it. When if you MARKET yourself to your target group of people, through social media…you just may be more successful.  A couple of them said that I encouraged them to use social media more but WOW! Then one of the panelists was talking about the usage of #hashtags…it literally went over most of their heads.  I could see, they were thinking like what is that!? Lol! I’m not trying to make fun of them but to be in business you REALLY have to have different avenues to Market yourself. It will ultimately be more beneficial for you in the long run! 

Paul posted this yesterday...

So, don’t be afraid of social media. Just share ONLY what you don’t mind sharing. Anything, that is too personal. DON’T put it online…b/c you never know who will see it. People are nosey. They like to know what you have going on in your personal life. Again, only share what you feel comfortable sharing. Don’t put drama stuff up on your account. It makes you look bad to potential clients. Your social media account is like your resume to the outside world. So, do be careful what you display but don’t be afraid to use it for the greater good.

Take advantage of the FREE advertisement and use it to your advantage. You never know where it may take YOU! If perhaps, I can assist you in some way...fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Love, Peace & Christ brings out the True Beauty in YOU! 

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