Best Man Holiday Movie

Fourteen years later, we have a sequel for a movie. Typically, the sequels are awful BUT not this time!!!! Oh, no. We have a winner! :) I saw Best Man Holiday Saturday with a friend and we both loved it to pieces! What moved me most about the movie was the character of Lance played by Morris Chestnut. He lived by the following:

God was First
Family was Second
Football (Career) was Third

Can we say YES!! That right there is sooooo sexy to me! That's the order it should be! Even though his friends weren't demonstrating their beliefs and some lacked a relationship with God - he still sticked to what he believed in and demonstrated it. Not wavering!! The love bond between him and his wife was just amazing. Something, anyone would desire to have with their spouse. The story line with the illness, touched home with many people in today's society. Many families are having to deal with this very thing and having small children. So, that was very touching.

Man! It was a GREAT movie. Lately, these movies have been - seen it once - you don't want to see it again. BUT not this one I wish it were coming out on DVD tomorrow! So, I could watch it over and over again! :) If you haven't seen should go see it!

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