Engagement Ring

Ciara's 15-carat Avianne & Co Engagement Ring
Over the last few weeks, Ciara and Kim Kardashian got engaged to be married. The question that everyone wants to know is: How big is their ring? Where was it purchased from?

Today, I have found a lot of people are more concerned about how BIG someone's ring is than anything else. When a female gets engaged...it's the first thing many want to see. Which is natural....but if it isn't what they think it should be....OMG! They make that known....oftentimes hurting the person who was recently engaged feelings. Making them feel away b/c of the size of their ring. Making them want to go hide it or keep their engagement a secret. When that should be one of the happiest times of their lives.

When a person gets engaged. It's like nothing else matter except for that RING. Some females, won't even accept a proposal if the RIGHT ring wasn't purchased from a particular store. Seriously. They are some selfish people in today's society.  Really, selfish.

If someone loves you enough to ask you to marry them. That should be a wonderful feeling in itself. Don't get carried away about how big the ring should be and where it should be purchased. If you love that man. It doesn't matter if he purchased it from Walmart. If that's all he could afford or know to do. That should be acceptable. LOVE and COMMITMENT is all that matters in a Marriage. Not the ring. Most times you aren't wearing the ring b/c of domestic duties, etc. Plus, if you are wearing a HUGE ring on your finger - you are not going to want to wear it everywhere b/c of the attention it would draw. So, what's the point of having a HUGE ring that you don't even wear? Just sitting pretty in your jewelry box...

Don't be shallow ladies. Yes, you deserve a nice ring. BUT most of all, you deserve a nice husband. One that will be able to provide for you. One that loves you like no other. Why would you want him to stress himself and be making payments on a ring. He couldn't really afford? In a marriage, you want to eliminate all things that could cause additional stress. Because trust me...living with someone for the first time - is enough stress in itself adapting to each others habits, etc. Make your marriage a little less stressful by only purchasing things you can afford.

So, he got a small engagement ring. Maybe in a few years, when business picks up, he gets that promotion or whatever - he will be able to UPGRADE your ring to a better one. Wouldn't that be nice and it would have more meaning. What if he can afford to purchase you a $1 million ring now and doesn't? If he can afford it and doesn't - should you love him any less no...because at the end of the day. His COMMITMENT & LOVE to YOU is all that matters. Maybe, he would rather take that million dollars and invest in a business, etc. Something that will create future revenue to be able to take care of you long term. Instead of blowing a million on a ring - that could be lost, stolen or damaged and it has no return value.

I'm just saying. Allow your man to do his thing and get you a ring that he can afford and that he wants to purchase for you. Don't worry about what someone else has to say about your ring. It's not about them. It's about you and your man!

For Fun here are some pictures of celebs in their rings:

Kim Kardashian's Lorraine Schwartz Engagement Ring