Me & Dating

Blah! If you have been following me long enough. You know I HATE DATING with a passion. I’m still waiting for that knock on the door saying: The Lord sent me to marry you!  For-real! I’d be like: Hey Boaz!! Where you been man? I’ve been waiting for YOU! Lol

I shared on facebook last week about the things I have to put into perspective when dating nowadays.

My Must: Mature Christian; be able to give Spiritual Counsel to me as needed; a Positive role model; Trustworthy; Supportive; Responsible; Manage Money Properly; Not Wasteful; Family Man; Treat People with Respect; Faithful; Flexible; Braveheart; and completely unattached and single!

Preference: Non Smoker; Non Drinker; Non usage of foul language [This seems to be asking too much. I don’t do those things and prefer to not have to live in a house with someone who smokes, drinks and/or cuss like a sailor – not the lifestyle I want to have!]

Age: Case by case but being that I am 30 yrs old anyone under 24 and above 50 is off limits for me.

Sadly, it all seems like it’s too much to ask for in a man. :-(

Some people may ask: What about their job? How much money are they bringing home? House? Car? I’m not too concerned about material things. Those things come and go and income can always change. As long as he is a hard-worker and is working – that’s all that matters. I’m more concern about the Character of a Man than anything else. That’s who you have to live with.

Recently, someone interested in me seems to be a good catch. He gets me which is good. Rare. I asked him a few questions about his lifestyle. He gave me answers, I did not like. After his response, I was ready to brush him off. Like Beyonce’s song: To the Left! Lol. Seriously. Bye.

He said: I was judging him. He asked: if I wanted some Geeky Christian dude. Lol. I was like I am not judging. & I’ll take the GEEK tho, if he is living right!

My thing is: If you don’t agree with certain things pertaining to someone’s lifestyle and you know about it and accept it while dating. When you get married. You have NO reason at all to complain about it b/c YOU knew they had those habits before you married them. So, that’s on you.

He agreed, to what I said. He said: Those habits can change, I can grow out of them. Which is very TRUE they can. However, I feel a way about them now. It bothers me. It’s a spiritual thing.

For me, since I am really trying to live my life for the Lord the correct way. Certain things, I can’t tolerate because if I am telling others they shouldn’t be living that way. Why on EARTH, would I want to get involved and possible marry someone. Who are doing those exact things? I would be a hypocrite, to some degree. People would be like: So, it’s okay for your household to behave this way but not ours. No, it doesn’t work that way.

If you are a Pastor or someone preaching the Gospel and telling people what God’s word says and you are not living it. What does that make you? From the outside looking in…People aren’t going to take you seriously because you are not taking God’s word seriously.  

So, he stays in the “Friend Zone” unless the change comes. Which without an act of God, it could take a good minute before I see that change. It’s a maturity thing. His response after my lil speech: maybe I wasn’t his thing either. So, we agree on something. Lol.

While dating. It’s okay to not like someone. That’s the whole purpose of dating. Finding out about a person and seeing rather or not – there is something there. It’s a process. Finding the right person will sure not happen overnight. Well, unless you get that knock on the door: Saying, the Lord sent me. LOL I kid! I kid. ;)

So, for me back to the drawing board! Lol