My Photo Shoot

So, I finally took my photo shoot. FINALLY! I don't know how many times in the past I have scheduled it over the years and something ALWAYS happened and I had to cancel.

Nonetheless, I did one over the weekend with Kevin Currie Photography. I had a morning session. He asked, if we could begin with prayer - which I led the prayer. I am beginning to find more and I meet people for different things. They are looking to me to say a prayer. I suppose that's a good thing. ;) BUT what a difference to start your photo session in prayer. I believe it will be the standard for me going forward with working with people in different things...b/c it will set the tone of the atmosphere. :) Happy Atmosphere more productivity = better results. :)

One thing about me. I am VERY PICKY. So, I do feel for people who work with me b/c I am very selective about things. BUT the session turned out GREAT. It was a GREAT first time experience for me with working with an individual in a studio. The only other experiences I have had were store studios...which after the last one with my kid - I did not like. Not many options and untalented photographers - and expensive prices. Makes you feel you are not getting what you paid for. So, personal photographers are simply the way to go nowadays and they (well) Kevin with Autumn Walk - does a fast turn around. So, no waiting for weeks to get your stuff back. 

I am also going to partake in his current project called: "Women: The Backbone of Society." His goal with this project is to create an Awareness of crimes against women. So, we took a few pics for that. Can't wait to see that once he does his Artwork to it. If you would like to participate contact Kevin ->

Here are a few shots from the session.

I did my own makeup. Ha! Not too bad...I suppose.

Kevin Currie Photography offers several different Packages: 

Products/Services; Entertainment/Models; Small Business; General Portraits; Students/Educators; Single Portrait; Digital Touch Up, etc. Currently doing a $20 sale on Digital Touch Ups!

To schedule your Photo Session with Kevin, check out his website:

His prices are affordable and services are outstanding! Highly recommended! 

Kevin's photography has been seen in: Digital Pro Magazine, Lego Land Discovery Atlanta, Fernbank Museum, Old Car City,Park Ridge Chiropractic, Album cover for Musician Chris Glover, BodyStudio 360 and more.  Contact Kevin at 678-451-2270;

Love, Peace and Christ brings out the TRUE Beauty in YOU! 
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Love, Peace and Christ brings out the TRUE Beauty in YOU! 
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