Single Christian Parent: Dating

So, you are single and you are a Christian and a Parent. In some have two strikes against you. Lol

One if you are taking the celibacy walk...they run! Lol. Well, clearly you don't want that person anyway - b/c they will just take you from your relationship with  Christ. You want to be in a relationship with someone - who is going to help build up your FAITH not tear it orgasm at a time.

Second you have a kid or kids. Which means you have to plan your outings around your children. If you are a single parent with no support system nearby. It can be a drag...b/c you don't want to take your kid on the date with you. [Hey Mommy, can I get this?] Lol. AND paying for childcare to go out...well...that gets expensive.

How do you manage?

The first scenario no sex. If they can't do it. Don't put that pressure on yourself. Let them go b/c they will find some way to get you to cave in. Then you will feel guilty afterwards and the relationship may not go anywhere. So, save yourself the anger and frustration for caving in for fleshy desires; which will knock you off track in your Christian walk. It's hard...but you gotta eliminate anyone that may cause you to stumble. God first!

Dating with kids. This is tough. Try to plan outings if you can - when your child(ren) are in school. Like lunch dates, etc. Or if they are in the after school program...try to plan a quick outing after work - before you have to pick up your child(ren) from school. Try to arrange babysitting with another single parent; then you can return the favor for them, etc.

If you have known each other for a while, both are strong in practicing your celibacy walk and TRUST one another. Home dates after children go to bed is another suggestion. I only suggest this - if you trust that person enough to do something like that and are strong about your commitment to not engage into sexual pleasures...because the temptation may come. You have to be strong enough to say No, lets not do this!

BUT leave the home dating as the last option. You want to meet out in public for as many times as you can. Try meeting at the park and having picnics - while the kids play. Going to places like  Dave & Busters follow link - if you don't know what that play while you get to know one another. Bowling, Skating, Amusement Parks, Museums, etc. Kid friendly places, where kids can occupy themselves, while you chat to know one another better. It can be done!

Happy Dating!