So, You Want to Be Chosen?

For many are called, but few are chosen. Matthew 22:14

We here it all the time many are called but few are chosen. The above picture is my journal entry the day He said: You are Chosen. You see my response. Ha. I remember that morning: I wrote down what He said and the time. Then, I went back to sleep for whatever minutes I had left...until, I really needed to be up. Yes, I did. I know. Crazy right? Others, probably would have jumped up out of to the Lord, got their bible and investigate. Lol. Which there is nothing wrong with that but that wasn't quite my response then. When He speaks now I do...b/c I know what time it is... ;-) When I was fully awake, I wrote what you see pictured...later that day.

Oh, to be Chosen. People see others doing things in their lives and they get jealous and they want that anointing. They want to have what that person has. Their Ministry. They want that GIFT. The thing is they don't realize how that person got that Anointing; that they so desire. They "probably" went through A LOT of things to receive that GIFT. Do you REALLY want to be CHOSEN? Can you really handle being hated, lied on, misjudged, ridicule, rejected and the list goes on. Can you handle that? Probably not. Most people couldn't. God knows who can handle what they can handle!

And do you know that the CHOSEN. Don't want to be chosen. Ha. Initially, most people who were called into Ministry was not all: "Oh yes, Jesus I was waiting for this day...for you to call me into Ministry. Thank you so much Heavenly Father. What an AWESOME Joy this is..." Not so much!

Well, maybe you were initially....but not many. I have heard from several Pastors saying: they were not interested in Ministry at first. Of course they love God and all that good stuff. BUT being a Pastor...well that was not something they desired to become. Ministering is a lot of work. You have to deal with a lot of "Special" people. That can be REALLY frustrating at times; but you have to treat everyone in love regardless of who they are. No respecter of person. It's a daunting task; to be Christlike. 

There is a lot that goes into Ministry. You have to be prepared to handle all that comes along with it....because it's not going to be a piece of cake. Yes, God will give you the STRENGTH as long as you abide in Him. But it won't be easy because now that you are seriously working for God to win souls for His Kingdom. You are #1 on Satan's hit list. You thought you had problems before. Ha. You have not seen anything yet! Satan, will come after you like never before. You will want to quit. You will want to throw in the towel. BUT if you do that...all those people who look up to you; who are under you - will stumble and probably walk away from the Cross because of your disobedience. Do you really want that on your conscience day in and day out? That all of my actions have an affect on not just myself but other people. Because once you step into Ministry it is not about just you anymore doll. It's about being a good Steward of what He has given you. The Gifts.

It is an HONOR to be selected by God for Ministry. It sure is...but it comes at a cost. You will not only have to study the word to encourage and strengthen yourself. You will have to study for others; to be able to speak the word to others. Just because you are chosen. That doesn't are automatically feed the word. You are only feed the word; the more you stay in the word. Being chosen means you are more than likely going to be in the word a lot more than others. Does that interest you? Are you able to put others needs before your own? Are you willing to sacrifice your time in watching your favorite TV show; to do the works of the Lord? Are you willing to deny yourself and take up His cross daily?  [Matthew 16:24] Are you?

So, before you go wanting what someone sure that's what you want because it may not be as easy as it looks.