Thank You!

I would like to say THANK you to all of you who stop by my blog to read my posts! I appreciate you very much!! The views have went up tremendously over the last few months. On August 21st, my 30th Birthday, I reached 30,000 views and as I am typing this I have over 38,000 views now. WOW, That's 8,000 views in 2.5 months!! Thank you for reading and I hope that all I write and will continue to write is beneficial. Now, that I know more people are reading. It adds pressure. Lol. Weird I know...but I want to make sure I deliver a good post to all the eyes and hearts. 

I also, will make sure to include the comment section going forward! :) Apparently, people have been wanting to leave comments recently and wasn't able to b/c I took away the comment feature a month or so ago...b/c it wasn't working with my layout! Lol - but it's back and is working fine with my layout now. :) YAY!

So, I have a lot of things I am working on currently. 2014 is looking to be a productive year for me. So many GREAT things I see happening! :)

I'm planning to Publish a book next year!! Yes, SPEAKING it. Working on it now.

Gonna have some Coasta Mi products to sell, early 2014. Been working on those. Figuring out exactly - what all I want to put out. Challenging. Later, I will probably have someone do that website over to make it more appealing. ;-)

One thing about doing stuff, you need money to make money! Lol. So, making sure you have the funds to do it all is where the problem lies. Lol. So, my motto do a little at a time ....working with what I got. Which means, I cannot participate and do a whole bunch of unfruitful things. To ensure, I have the funds to take care of home and get my products out there. Single Mom! Entrepreneur! Mission! Goals!

As my old readers know....I have a regular job that I work during the week for 40hrs and I will continue to work until I reach a point where I don't have to rely on that income. I don't want to get a business loan to finance anything. I haven't used a credit card since 2007. I've been working towards being completely debt free. That's my goal and I am sticking to it!!!

So, my schedule is pretty tight...but I see greater things coming in the new year. I also see more free time! Speaking it! Claiming it! Gonna Receive it! 

So, that's a little of what's going on in my world. Hope you are well. Thank you for your support and God Bless.