LADIES: Prepare for your King

Waiting for that man to come along ladies can be very hard. So, lets not be idle while we wait and instead do things to PREPARE for our future role as a WIFE!

Here are some of MY Suggestions of things you should do to prepare you for your KING

Start PRAYING for others. In praying for others; it will help you learn how to PRAY for your spouse in his needs! Every man NEEDS a PRAYING WIFE! 

Prepare yourself to be a HELPER. Genesis 2:18 says: The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

Men need a HELPER and they all need help in different areas. So, you may not know exactly what his needs are until you are married. BUT you should prepare your mind to be a cheerful HELPER.  

Take this time to GROW SPIRITUALLY.  One thing, I am learning the more I grow closer to Christ.  As the word says to SEEK the KINGDOM of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. Matthew 6:33

I see how important that is in a marriage b/c it teaches me that in the same way I must go to Christ. I should also go to my husband before decisions are made. When I do that he will appreciate it; we can talk about it and make a decision together. Which equals no secrets between us and ensuring effective communication; which will help our relationship grow.  

PRACTICE being COMMITTED. If you have a problem committing to doing simple things like sticking to a workout.  Seriously, get it together b/c once you are married and problems arise. You don’t want to have the thought of: You know what, I don’t feel like this I’m out…Peace!  When, you learn how to be committed to things and people now. It will help you be better prepared to understanding what all it takes to being committed to someone. Stay Committed.

BUILD up your SELF ESTEEM. Allow GOD to prune and heal you from any negative things of your past. That could be a hindrance in your relationship with your spouse. So, that you are FREE to love with a open healed heart. If you are insecure about yourself now; it may cause you to be very jealous around others you feel look better than you. 

So, if you need to get in shape. Do so now. Don’t like your wardrobe; hairstyle; makeup well change it and figure out what works best for you and make you feel pretty and confident...b/c if you are not happy with yourself now. Your spouse won't be able to make you happy. You have to first be happy with yourself. AND the more confidence you have. The more POSITIVE energy you will have and it will enable you to ENCOURAGE your mate as he will need it. 

BE open to LEARNING new things! As women, we like to think we know everything. Well, it may feel like that when dealing with some people.  Ha. Truth is we don’t know everything. So, STAY OPEN to learning new things. There may be some things that your spouse is into that you may have no clue. Be willing to learn about it. If you choose to become a parent; you will have to learn how to do a lot of different things. So, keep an open mind to learning new things.

BE willing to SERVE! Start practicing serving others by going out and Volunteer.

Men love to be served and taken care of. The hospitality behind that; shows you care about them and their needs. Most men love when women cook; although, it may not be feasible every day. They appreciate a good home cooked meal at least every once in a while. Helping them pack their bags for out of town trips.  Making sure they have their little knickknacks. Ironing their clothes or taking them to the cleaners. They love simple things like that. Start serving for others in ways you can. So, that you can cheerfully SERVE your King!

I encourage you to work on these things in your life now; to help prepare you to be READY for your NEW role as a WIFE! 

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains FAVOR from the Lord. Proverbs 18:22 

You want your husband to know that he has a good thing; when he marries you. So, let's PREPARE so our KING has that GOOD THING! :)