Thanksgiving Break: Reflecting; Black Nativity; Fernbank Museum; Black Friday Deal

Last week, I took off from blogging to reflect. To make sure I am staying on the right path. Looking at what all I have accomplished this year. Seeing how far I have come along. Although, a lot was completed still not a lot...if that makes sense. Still have a lot more to it will carry on into the new year.

Business wise didn't go as I thought it was going to go. First year, experience...had to regroup and refocus. I was speaking with a friend about this very thing. I started doing something in which I didn't have complete peace over...and so I stopped seeked God for clarity and direction and I got a revelation on what to do after my 40 days Journey. That is still working itself out. All things will come together in their season. One thing, I am learning with God is...YES - He may say for you to do something...but that doesn't necessarily mean right now. He will instruct you when you need to move. When He says better move. BUT I am glad before I wasted a lot of money into the other venture. I stopped myself. Now, I am just taking my time and following His lead on all that I should do...and do them in the RIGHT I will be fruitful and be able to bless others b/c of what God allows for me to accomplish -- I can't do anything right without God! If God is not in it...I don't want to be in it!  

Here is a re-cap of my weekend. 

I was able to catch up with several friends. Which is great b/c of my schedule; working towards my future. I rarely hang out AND we all have awkward schedules. So, that was great to have some free time to do that over the weekend. Few of my friends aren't big on being posted online. So, while hanging out...we don't even think about taking pictures most of the time. Just enjoy each others company. So, I don't have a lot of pictures of my friends. BUT I will start having them or others take pictures of me while I am out and about. So, I can start sharing more of the New Year.

I went to see the movie Black Nativity on Thanksgiving Morning. I absolutely LOVED the movie! I thought it was AWESOME, I also love Musicals. It was a Beautiful inspirational film...especially if you have been a single parent and come from a Religious family...and made some mistakes in will relate! The message was very uplifting! So, I loved it!

Saturday we went to the Fernbank Museum; scored free tickets! I've been before but they have done some serious renovations it appeared since we last were there back in Jan 2010. Now the kids were older and able to understand and enjoy it more. The Museum is in the Christmas spirit! Christmas trees were decorated like they would be in different countries and were placed all over the Museum. They were all really beautiful.  The Kids area; where kids could do what they like best "touch stuff" was awesome...they loved it! We spent a lot of time in that area. We also saw the "Charlie Brown Christmas" Movie - that's a classic! Loved it! Glad they showed it there! Overall, a GREAT trip! If you have never been; you should go and check it out! It's worth it!

So here is a Photo Re-cap of my Thanksgiving Break:  

Lil ones dancing with "Radio Disney"

this is what happens when my kid takes my pic lol *blurry*

i love looking at rocks...esp the purple one! :)

Kids area

Another store with unique gifts!

When I go places...I'm obsessed about looking at the fabric and seeing how it's made! Love these!! Beautiful!

Marco Polo: Man & Myth Exhibition

Kids making Christmas ornaments

Christmas tree at the entrance of the Museum
One of the Beautiful Trees on display

Lots of goodies for all inside the Museum Store!

My lil guy in front of the Museum

Me and the young front of one of the Christmas tree on display!

they are into it and learning!

I typically don't do the Black Friday stuff. My first Black Friday purchase...I went during the day and purchase a washer and dryer for half off. No stress. I did stand in those long lines back in 2006 with my ex  when I was in Chicago...and never again will I do that. It wasn't even for anything important. We were in the mall. So, since then...I venture out there...during daylight and see if there is anything I want and may purchase something. This year, I was out with a friend and she wanted to go to this Furniture Thrift while in there I saw these furniture pieces! I needed pieces to help organize some things at home and scored these two lovely items for a total of $55! Both very sturdy and in GREAT condition! Lovely and the guy delivered! Can we say AWESOME! Thank you JESUS! Seriously! One thing about purchasing furniture pieces as a single always gotta figure on Earth are you going to get it in and to your home!!!? But rest assured my God made sure I didn't have to worry about that! :)

Thanksgiving day my lil guy spent it with his father's family. He had a blast. He's been going there for Thanksgiving for the last few years. Despite his father and I not being together. I feel it's very important if you know and are in good relations with the child's other side...that they be apart of their lives. So, the children won't grow up confused and wanting to know - who there family is, etc. It's not a good feeling. So, despite everything. I allow them to be apart of his life. They are very grateful for it and so is he. So, we had our Thanksgiving dinner together on Saturday night. Making the most out of all situations! Here is a pic of our meal; catering to the things my son eats. The drink is a ginger ale, fruit punch and orange sherbet mixed. No alcohol!

On Sunday...celebrated with my Church family...pic of my son and I with my Spiritual Parents (Pastor and his wife) ~  They have both been such a GREAT blessing to me! Praise God for them! Wonderful spirits they have!

Side Note:

I am working on putting together a system. To keep you all engaged here. So, it's not like I am leaving you hanging. I'm not sure about blogging every day just yet...but we will see.  I have several projects I am working on currently. In which, I am looking to merge them all into one website....sometime in the New Year... I am still working on all the details for that. Overall, I'm trying to come up with a better way; to keep you all engaged and in the know of what all I have going on...the future looks so BRIGHT! :)

God Bless,