Help Me!

Times are hard for many people right now for many reasons. And many have nowhere to turn to… Oh, so they think they don’t. They just wallow in their mess until something comes along. Which may never come along; if they don’t seek or ask for help. They just take it in and deal with it. Some have asked for help before but was refused help or they got it but probably wish they hadn’t because the helper has been a nightmare ever since. 

My Scenario asking for help and not receiving it: 

Years ago, I asked my fiancé at the time to borrow some money from him. Meaning, I would pay him back. At the time, we were living together. I had a kid that I took care of 100%. At the end of each month, my fiancé and I would add up all the bills which included: rent, utilities, cable and internet. We then split it between the two of us. So, it wasn’t all on him or me. The difference was he had more money than I did and paying his portion of the rent and one credit card that he had was literally all his responsibility. He didn’t have any additional expenses. The car he rode in was mines that I was paying for – insurance, car note and maintenance. So, I thought it would be okay to ask him to borrow some money. As it wouldn’t have caused him any type of hardship and I was going to pay it back. 

You want to know what his response was: NO

Ha. At the time it hurt – I was like WOW really. It wasn’t even a lot of money - just a $100. That was not a lot to break him. Then, all sorts of stuff ran through my head. Like: How can we get married and I can’t depend on him now to have my back? Like, really! Then he wanted me to move with him from Atlanta to the West Coast (US). My response: No. 

I mean why would I? If you wouldn’t loan me money, that you would receive back and we here and I am working... Why on Earth would I move somewhere farther away with you with no job, a child and bills to take care of and not a guarantee that you will help me. Hello! Doesn’t make sense, does it? Then a few months later, our relationship ended. That wasn’t the main reason but it sure played a part in the decision making process. 

You know what happened. I did receive the money I needed from someone else with no strings attached. They just offered it to me…without me even asking. I’m sure I know who made that happened. My Heavenly Father! Who is always ON time and always provides even when I don't deserve it. I've learned over the years to Seek Him First and He always comes through and on time for me. Can't do this life without Him!

When you are in a SERIOUS relationship with someone; especially ENGAGED. You expect them to help you to some degree. You expect that one would have your back and vice versa. If it’s not the case - then that speaks volumes about ones’ character. When something like this occurs…it makes you question. If you can’t ask the person you are in a relationship with…than who can you ask? 

Then, you have people who help you but always want to hang it over your head about what they did for you. So, that you never ever forget. So much so…you wished you never asked them for help in the first place. 

So, when the one you love doesn’t help you OR when the one who did help you makes your life a living nightmare. It can cause one to feel like there is just no one they can turn to for help. So, they never ask. They just try to do everything on their own…wearing them little selves out!

I believe most people have been there or maybe you are there right now. BUT guess what my love: YOU do not have to stay there! God didn’t create you to live in a pigsty, to be sick or to live in lack. That is not His character. He created you for a purpose and you can't fulfill His purpose being stressed out nor living in chaos or sin. He knows you can’t do everything on your own. That’s why YOU need Him. We all need Him. 

Having a Relationship with Christ is the best relationship one can ever have. He is a Provider. He is a Promise Keeper. He is a Healer. All those and so much more. Not for one person but for ALL. He won’t ever fail you. He is always Available and Willing to Help in ALL situations. Nothing is too hard for Him BUT you have to Seek Him and want His help. 

He says: Ask, and it will be given to you; Seek, and you will find; Knock, and it will be opened to YOU.  Matthew 7:7
Simple as that my love. So, stop crying and stop waddling in your mess. Stop thinking that no one can help you. Maybe, no human can but GOD can. He can make a way out of no way – just for YOU. And the great thing about His help is it adds no sorrow to it. None. So, you don’t have to worry about Him holding anything over your head. He just want you to Trust in Him and Believe in Him. So BELIEVE  & RECEIVE His Help today!  He’s waiting for YOU! 

Therefore the Lord waits to be gracious to you,
    and therefore He exalts himself to show mercy to you.

For the Lord is a God of justice;
    blessed are all those who wait for Him.
Isaiah 30:18 ESV
Prayer: Father, I have went on for far too long without you. Please forgive me for thinking I could live this life on my own. I surrender my life to you. Remove anything that is not of you from my life. Guide me into your truths. Purify me and create in me a new heart. O'Lord, Help me. So, that I can fulfill the purpose you have for my life. In Jesus name Amen