Blog Update

Hello My Readers:

So, I have been quite busy these days. So, much so... I would like to take a break from life responsibilities and just go on a nice relaxing vacation... Lol...maybe later

Blog Update: I am going to plan to post here 3 times a week. Mon. Wed. & Fri. Trying to be a little more consistent with the blog. :-) And since my blog started off as a Fashion blog. I will try to continue to post about Fashion every so often; as I do still love fashion, I'm just not so obsessed with it anymore. In fact, I haven't even had time to watch the re-caps from NYFW!! Can't believe that!

It has shown me...when you have given your complete heart to Christ. His desires, will become your desires and the things you use to be obsessed with...will be no more. Interesting to see these changes.

I will also post New Food Dishes I try....I love to cook and bake. So, as I try new things I will post them up here. I also want to Encourage non-cookers to cook and those that do cook - to try new things. 

Continuing to work on designs for Coasta Mi clothing.

I am in Ministry school and before signing up for classes. It was recommended I take one at a time. Ha. Me hard headed...didn't listen. Now, I understand why they said to only take 1 class at a time. It's a lot to take in. Whew! Thankfully, I am almost finished with my Fashion Retail program...this is good for me to know how to run my business efficiently. Just some head knowledge. Once completed in the next 2 weeks. I will be able to focus solely on Ministry school courses.

In this New Year, I started serving in Children's Church - teaching 9-11 yr olds. I've taught children 2-6 yrs of age before BUT this season, is different for me. I love the season I am in now and working with the kids because while I teach them. I am learning too and it's encouraging me in my walk with Christ. So, I look forward to teaching them. Love the kiddies.

I'm also in the process of writing my first book. That has been interesting because I'm like what do I share. What do I not share? How do I word this and that - so it is not misinterpret. It's a process. Thankful, to have receive some good tips from other Authors. :-)

I'm working on a lot to achieve a lot. So, my social time is very limited these days. Maximizing all of my spare time. As you can see a lot is going on...and I still didn't list everything. Ha. Life of a Working Parent is always full but rewarding. :-)

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God Bless