::Coasta Mi:: 
Last week, I started a theme on my Coasta Mi Facebook page. To cater posts around a certain thing during the week. Encouraging people in certain areas that are important to me and coincide with my products to come. And of course, I will post whatever comes in my spirit. Be sure to follow: Coasta Mi

Monday's - Health & Fitness
Tuesday's - Praise
Wednesday's - Women
Thursday's - Prayer/French
Friday's - Street-life [Encouragement for those in the streets...to get out the streets - change their mentality!]

I'm going to try to add some jewelry to the store by the end of the week. So, be sure to check it out.

Meanwhile, posting French posts, will force me to study my FRENCH!! I took French for 3 years in school. I was much better than I am now at speaking and understanding. I love speaking it. So, taking out my lil supplies and the internet to teach myself. My dream is to be fluent in that language. Day by day. I will get there. If I don't quit. :-)

I got my first relaxer in my hair in 6 months! Excited about the fact that I can COMB my hair smoothly again! :-) Couldn't find the relaxer I preferred at the strength I needed for my hair in any stores near me. Imagine my surprise! Ah, like what am I going to do? So, I tried to do the natural thing again but realize I need to just stop it! Lol. Not the life for me. My hair is too thick for that and I don't have the patience to deal with all of that. So, I had to place an order online. Thanks to Amazon. I got my product and even quicker than it was scheduled to be delivered. Yes, Amazon!

I started using this product below. When I had a disastrous mess with my hair...where I lost a lot of hair (Sept 2012) and even had ball spots!! Crazy. I know. I tried dying it and put in a relaxer too soon - causing the hair to fall out. Horrible. So, I started using this product to help with hair growth and I love it. BUT these days it's also HARD to find! I found it in a Beauty Store I don't go in often and my son was like you should just get two. So, you will have an extra for when you are out. He's so smart!!!! So, I did...the containers were yucky looking but I love the product. So, I purchased it and used some clorex wipes to clean the outside before storing it away. Me don't like yucky stuff. This stuff with it's crazy name works!

::Baby Shower::
I attended a baby shower of a friend and it was Beautiful with a great scenery! Meant to take a picture of that lake but I forgot! I love to be around water and it was just really BEAUTIFUL. I love taking pics of food. Forgive me. Beautiful cake from the Shower and my Sample plate. When I go to events these days. I make a sample plate. So, I can try everything. Really loved that cheesecake but it all was delicious! :-)

Church yesterday, my Pastor announced our Church's name, the vision and mission behind the church. AND I am so excited to be apart of this Ministry!!! Why because the things I envision to do with Coasta Mi; aligns with the church's Vision. That warms my heart to know that I am in the RIGHT place. It's crazy because I was just saying that I can't do all that I want to do by myself. So, I'm so excited to be apart of a church that is for what I am for. So, excited for this NEW Journey with my church -> Linked Up Church. You can get Linked UP with us by checking out the website, follow us on Social Media and come out and visit if you live in the Atlanta area. This upcoming Sunday March 16, Dr. Frederick Price will be speaking and installing my Pastor and his wife as Pastor's over the church. All are welcome to come join us.

Sunday Two Services: 8:30 am & 11am - Address: 845 Lawton Street || Atlanta, GA
Thursday's 7pm || Children's Church available every Service. || Youth Service 12+ only on Thursday's.

Embracing my hair - no weave. Cute. I love it. Bottom left my Spiritual parents and me. Church name logo and mission.