I'm ugly.
I'm too thin.
I'm too fat. 
My butt is too big.
My lip are too big.
My hair is too long.
I'm want to be thick. 
My hair is too short.
My breast is too big.
My butt is too small.
I don't like how I look.
My breast is too small.  

Insecurities. You hear them EVERY DAY. Being out of shape brings on insecurities. Being around people who look perfect, brings on insecurities. Marketers LOVE insecure people. They push ads to feed off of these people's insecurities and they do it so well that they make millions!

We live in a time where people are so obsessed on looking perfect. That they forget, no one is perfect. That same person you thought was perfect; probably, paid someone to make them look that way. Those people you see in those Magazines don't all look that way in real life. They are paid to look perfect, some starve themselves, workout like crazy and then they are AIRBRUSHED and PHOTOSHOPPED to have that perfect image - that you see. Everyone has imperfections. No one is perfect.

We should all strive to look, feel and be healthy but that comes at a price of hard work and dedication; by taking care of ourselves, eating the right foods and exercising. Not quick fixes i.e cosmetic surgeries, pills, etc. If you don't love who you are; you will always be running, to fix something about yourself. Still feeling EMPTY inside. In order to solve your problems; you must get to the root of what's causing your insecurities and fix that. Then you will be happy with who you are and you will be free from your insecurities.

Jesus came so that we could be FREE. Nail your insecurities to the cross and Be FREE from your insecurities TODAY.

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