My Car Situation

My lovely car...Lol okay not yet but the FUTURE car. [by FAITH] "Porsche Panamera"

So, over the last two weeks. I have had a series of events with my car. :-)

Tuesday went to pick up my kid from school. We got back to the car. It wouldn't crank. Another parent female heard it not cranking. She drove her car over to try to give me a jump. That didn't work. So, another parent he saw what was going on and wanted to help. He called AAA to come out. I don't have AAA but my insurance does provide Roadside Assistance. Anyhow, he wanted to help out. So, I allowed him to. Then while we were waiting for AAA his daughter went to their car to get this box. In this box, she had these bracelets she had made and paper. She handed me one of the bracelets and a note. I was like ah, Thank you. Then, I put it in my purse to look at it later. She was like: can you open it now? I was like okay... Lol. She was a 11yrs old. So, I opened it and the note said: Don't worry - Be happy.

I didn't panic or cry initially when my car wouldn't crank...but that note made me tear up some. Seriously. To me it was a reminder from my Father not to worry. Because as a Single Mom I use to worry all the time about all sorts of stuff. Then, one day I saw those scriptures in Matthew 6 like I had never seen them before and I stopped worrying obsessively like I had been doing. So, her note was a reminder to me from God that all will be well.
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34 NIV
Then, when AAA finally came...the guy popped up the hood and told me to try to crank the car and it cranked. Ha. He suggested my battery may have needed to be replaced since I purchased it in 2011. So, I drove my little self to Pepboys as they were still open. They put their little device on it and it said "Replace Battery". So, naturally so I replaced the battery. Thinking that would solve the problem. A day passed all was well. Then, Thursday came along. It happened again. Picked up kid return to car, the same thing. Now, I'm thinking it's just a conspiracy. Ha. Two times in the school's parking lot. Like really? This time an owner of one of those car repair shops, heard me having issues and walked over to help me. I explained to him what happened on Tuesday. He brought his device over to check the battery. To him it looked like it was my Alternator. So, he suggested I get it towed and have them check out my Alternator, etc. Meanwhile, he went into the school to get his kids. I said a prayer for my car. I called my Insurance company for Roadside Assistance. While, on the phone the car cranked. Ha.

So, I ended up following the owner to his shop. They looked it over, determined it was the Alternator. So, I left my car in their care. The owner had one of his mechanics drive me home. A co-worker picked me up the next day for work and to take my little guy to school. So, later that Friday they called said my car was ready. I picked it up. Then, that afternoon I went to get gas before picking up my kid from school. I pumped my gas. The car wouldn't crank. Ha. Now this time I wanted to get upset. Like seriously. I'm stuck at a gas pump! Two men happen to walk by and heard my car not cranking. They offered to push me into a parking spot nearby. So, I could move from the gas station. They did. Then, one of my church brother's came and picked me up. Took me to get my kid from school, etc.

Saturday comes along. A friend of mines lives near me. I called her and she took me to my car. It cranked. I drove from the parking lot where it was...which happened to be parked in a 24 hours Kroger parking lot. So, I didn't have to worry about it getting ticketed, etc. I drove it back to the shop because well something was still wrong. They believed it was the starter. So, they replaced the starter. This time only charging me for the part and didn't charge me for anything else because of the inconvenience. I left there. Went to check my mail and guess what? The car wouldn't crank. Ha. I'm like okay what is REALLY going on? At this point, I'm starting to lose my cool. Lol. I called them back explained to them what happened. They said they would send a Tow Truck to get my car. While waiting the car cranked. Weird. I called them back to tell them. They said to let the Tow Truck get it anyway. So, that they could do a complete re-evaluation on it. To see what is really going on...because maybe they received a bad part or wires messed up, etc. Meanwhile, a older couple saw what was going on with the Tow Truck. They offered to take me and my kid home. So, we caught a ride with them home.

Sunday morning, my leader and one of the Minister's at my church. She came and picked me up for church. I was speaking to someone at church about the whole car ordeal and how expensive it has been. After service, was over she walked over to me and put some money in my hand. Telling me that this should help some with my car expenses. Praise the Lord. Seriously. Why should I worry?

Monday came around...the owner was back in the office and he called me to tell me what was wrong with my car. It was a Cam Sensor. Stating, they didn't detect it initially because my Service Engine Light wasn't on...but when it came on it showed up in the system, etc. They apologized. He also didn't charge me to replace it. He just took care of it all because of all the inconvenience and headache, etc. When it was done another church brother picked me up and took me to my car.

Then on Wednesday, March 19, 2014. I am driving and all of a sudden my Brake and Battery light just starts flashing then stop then flash then stop. Very spooky. If I may say so myself. I took it to get checked out because umm I don't want to drive a car with flashing lights!! It appeared, I needed some new brake pads and my brand new Alternator was overcharging. Ha. So, I got the brake pads replaced and the company had to replace my alternator. I walked out of the place saying by FAITH, we are not going to have anymore issues with my car!! The shop offered to give me my next oil change free, due to everything that had happened.

The customer service guy even thanked me for not blowing up on them. Lol because most people would have thrown a fit dealing with all of that. Cursing them out and whatever. I didn't. One because that's just not who I am. I don't act like that. People did say to me: Coasta, I know you are nice and all but you might want to get a little mean. So, they can get it right. Lol but it's really not who I am. It takes a lot of energy for me to get really upset and to fuss at someone. It really does. It's not in my character at all. AND besides here I am going around encouraging people to be Christlike. Would JESUS throw a fit because of the inconvenience? Uh, no. So, if I'm going to tell others to be Christlike...shouldn't I be Christlike as well!?!

However, the next time my car starts acting funky. I will be taking it STRAIGHT to Nissan because they know their cars and when I would get my oil change their and other repairs in the past. They ALWAYS told me when something needed to be replaced, etc. I was never caught off guard. So, back to Nissan I go. I purchased my car brand new back in May 2006...and this is the first time. I have had issues like this... So, that is a blessing all in itself! Amen!!

Although, crazy situation. I was in a SAFE place each time my car wouldn't start. I wasn't stuck on side of the road. I had my kid with me or was able to get to him in a reasonable amount of time. People volunteered themselves to help me in ways that they could. I also saved money on things that probably would have needed to be replaced down the road. Due to them not charging me for certain things. It was also a blessing to know that I could afford to pay for the things needed for my car.

I also got to experience Community love from those in my community. That was awesome to experience and to know that they are still nice people with pure hearts around. That blessed me. It also showed me the love and compassion from those I attend & serve with in Church. They all treated me like how you would treat your family. I honestly, didn't have to worry. God made sure I was taken care of and all my needs were met each time. What an AWESOME GOD we serve.

Out of this situation. My FAITH grew because I realized even more that God loves me and will ALWAYS take care of me. I should have no worries because I am His and I am PROTECTED by the blood!

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