My Hair Struggle

Recently, I saw some people who I have known for years. They asked: Coasta did you cut your hair?

They asked this question because it's been a while since they have seen me and seen my actual hair. My hair, was never super long like hanging down my back but it was longer than what it is nowadays.

My horror story:
In September 2012, I decided to dye my hair a lighter color. I had tried a year or so before and even went to a Salon. Those attempts were unsuccessful. So, I was told I would need to put peroxide in my hair to strip it so that I could get a lighter color. So, I did just that and put the dye in my hair. Only for it still not to come out like the color on the box. It changed a tiny bit but not very noticeable. Then exactly 2 weeks later, I put a relaxer in my hair because my new growths were just unmanageable. Boy was that NOT SMART. Too many chemicals too close together. My hair came out, it even caused a few ball spots. Ouch!!! I didn't cry when it happen. Maybe in shock. Lol. I didn't cry but as time went on...more of my hair would just fall out and break off. I eventually cried!! Thinking this would never end. So, I wore wigs and weaves religiously. I didn't relax it again until 8 months later. Making sure that it wouldn't harm it. I relaxed it too because my hair is so thick; it's harder to manage, in it's natural state with no relaxer.

This picture above is from yesterday March 16, 2014....after I combed out my curls from church. I was very nervous about rocking this short hairstyle. I had gotten so use to wearing the wigs and weaves that I felt myself feeling insecure a little without it. Plus, a lot of men like women with longer hair. It's not cute to have short hair to many of them. In fact, one guy I was dating (in 2012) I had told him about my hair disaster. He told me to never let him see my hair in it's natural state. He'd rather see me with fake hair than my own hair at it's short length. To me...if I can't be myself; then, I don't want to be with you. Especially, as I get older I want to be able to be myself freely. Over the years, in dating I've always tried to satisfy the guy I am with... by doing things their way and the way they like. Rather, I wanted to or not. I realized I was a BIG man pleaser BUT enough of that. Yes, you want to satisfy them but you still have to be YOU. So, if someone can't accept me and my my hair for what it is...than bye! I don't want to live my life constantly afraid of being who I am just to have a man. If I continue to live like that; I would never truly be happy and free. I would be in bondage to men in some aspects. So, now I am rocking my own hair and I don't care what anyone has to say about it. I am FREE from the opinions of others. I am being ME.

Also, I am VERY happy and blessed my hair is growing back!!! One because I have a condition called Hypothyroidism which can cause thinning hair and hair to fall out. Second, I know others who have had chemical experiences similar to mines and have lost hair years ago and to this date. Their hair has not grown back to the length it was before the damage occurred. Some of them their hair is very thin or super short now because of it. Some even still have bald spots. Praise the LORD my hair is growing back strong, thick and I do not have any bald spots! Yay!! I prayed for my hair religiously!!!! I ate stuff that would promote hair growth. I started taking vitamins like Triple Strength Fish Oil Vitamins and Multivitamins. I also bought this Africa's Best Organics Horsetail & Rosemary Hair Vitalizer Conditioner. It is a: Anti-breakage vitalizer combines natural herbal and botanical extracts. Promote longer, healthier hair. It really works for my hair. I had never even heard of it before. I was in the Beauty shop looking for something to put in my hair and I happen to walk up on it. My spirit said to purchase it but I was a little leary. Lol. I pulled out my smartphone and googled reviews for it. :-) People said good stuff about I purchased it. It works! I also, notice that Rosemary extract is also in those fish oil vitamins and other hair vitamins!

Here are some REAL pictures of myself from before it happen to NOW. So, you can see the difference. Some pics a little rough but oh well. I'm free from the opinions of others - kinda sorta but I remove one of the collages that showed how short it was on 11/17/2014 because it was a lil too rough and I don't want anyone posting that pic all over the place! Lol! Protect the Heart - I'm human!  ;-)

Before the damage pictures.

My first relaxer 8 months after the damage

Most recent pics from this wknd March 2014. Excuse my rollers. Lol

Updated: 9/2014 - I didn't mention before that I was taking KELP supplements because I didn't know the benefit of it and hair... but after receiving a sample of Kelp Shampoo. I googled and found the benefits of it pertaining to hair. Amazed I was because I was taking it for other benefits. The shampoo I sampled you can find here. Here is an updated photo of my hair's length! 

Benefits of Rosemary:

Africa's Best Organics Horsetail & Rosemary Hair Vitalizer Conditioner:

Avocado Benefits:

Healthy Hair Foods:
Kelp Benefits:

Kelp Shampoo: