Heaven is For Real

So, I went to see this movie "Heaven is For Real" the other day. I thought it was a good thought provoking movie.... because it really challenges Believers to question themselves. Do you believe what you preach? Do you believe what you confess? Do you believe what you read in the bible? Do you believe that Heaven is for Real? I can remember when I was young. I question this Jesus thing. I wasn't quite sure what I believed. I remember going to the library and checking out probably the biggest book on the subject of Religions. To try to understand religions....but still I remember always feeling unsure to some degree. Yet, I prayed, I went to church, I cried out to Him, I read my bible, I confessed He was my Lord and Savior and I believed He was raised from the dead....but all the while I still wasn't quite sure all this stuff was for real. However, over the years I have had some very interesting experiences to where I know He's for real and Heaven is for real.

About 9 years ago, my Great Grandmother passed away. I was stationed overseas in S. Korea at the time...unable to go home for her funeral. I remembered being sadden of her loss. I also remembered some time after her passing I had this dream of her. She was sitting on these set of bleachers that were in this parking lot of my old Elementary School. It was a beautiful day outside with a cool breeze. I remember her looking at me smiling and as happy as could be. She looked younger than I ever remembered her, she had a hair full of beautiful hair that was nicely curled and she had on makeup. She looked very beautiful. Which on Earth when she was alive... I never saw her like that. My memory of her was of her always being drunk and stumbling as she walked. Being frail, having a sassy mouth, having very short gray hair and always wearing a wig when she went out. Watching this movie ... made me remember that dream. In the movie Colton, said he saw his dad's Grandpa but he was young looking and didn't wear glasses because in heaven no one is sick, etc. Which made me instantly thought of the dream I had of my Great Grandma and the way I saw her was not the way she was when she was alive. She was HEALTHY looking and HAPPY. I thought WOW... what a revelation! No more sickness, no more living in Sin. She was free and in Heaven! That was an AWESOME moment for me. So, I thought it was a good movie to get you thinking about what you really believe!

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; 
and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, 
neither shall there be any more pain: 
for the former things are passed away.  
Revelation 21:4

TD Jakes posted this earlier today: Heaven Is For Real the movie is sparking conversations about heaven and faith between believers and non-believers. But what does the Bible say? Take a group to see the film this week and download our discussion guide as a catalyst for biblically based discussions after watching the film. The guide features several themes from the movie and is structured in such a way that individuals or groups may choose to address the entire guide at once or focus on one or two themes at a time. Download the guide here: http://bit.ly/1idDr5m


1) I've decided to blog at least once a week because that I can stick too and be consistent with in blogging world. My schedule is getting too crazy to implement anything else. So, once a week you can guarantee - you will see a blog post from yours truly! If you get more than one in a week..consider it a bonus!

2) So, I started an assignment last month of being a PR & Artist Manager for a good friend of mines the Poet of Peace [Evangelistic Poet] and man let me tell you. Whew, it's been a lot of work in that regard! Lol *Hopefully, he's not reading* BUT it hasn't been in vain. So, that is going to keep me busy with whatever free time I would have had...be sure to follow him on Facebook and like his page here.

3) In writing my book, there are two chapters where they probably could be a complete book all by themselves...depending on how long I discuss it. So, I've been debating if I should include them in this book or write an additional book ... for each story. I feel I should just include them in this book. If so, it may be a minute because those stories haven't completely finished for me to tell them. :-) Waiting on some miracles to manifest...but they are both too good not to share! Transparency!

4) Check out one my friend's new company. You can find it on Facebook and even purchase some cool products.They are having their first event next Friday on May 2, 2014 - if you live in the Metro Atlanta area... you are more than welcome to come out. Check out the website for more info: http://arkofprosperity.com/ - My friend also wrote a book titled: 31 Reasons I Believe in God. You can read it for free here or purchase it on Amazon here for $3. The book is a book of testimonies: sharing his deeply personal, poignant, and sometimes tumultuous story of going from a drug-dealing teenage father to a college graduate and Fortune 100 company manager to now an entrepreneur with a Kingdom purpose. From beginning to end, the main constant throughout Kenan's life has been God's grace, which has been expressed in various ways through various people, including his parents, co-workers and strangers alike.

5) Ministry Classes start back next week and you want to know something one of my friends brought to my attention yesterday...while I was talking to her. She said you know Coasta - this time while you are in school although you have a lot on your plate. Nothing super crazy has happened, like it did every other time you were going to school and kinda was force to quit to some degree. Life was very hard in those phases... AND you know what I hadn't even thought of that stuff until she said that...and I was like... WOW, you know girl. You are RIGHT. It's been smooth sailing this go around...must be where I am suppose to be! ;-) Therefore, I am getting my schedule together now. So, that I can maximize all of my time properly!

6) I love you guys dearly!! Thanks for reading, for your support and I hope you were blessed by my writing! God Bless! 

31 Reasons Why I Believe In God.
31 Reasons Why I Believe In God.
31 Reasons Why I Believe In God.