Happy Mother's Day...

Mother’s day… can be a great occasion or it can be a sad occasion. When such days like this come around; it can be challenging for some people. For those, who have lost their Mother’s due to death. It’s hard for them. For those, whose Mother was never in their life. It’s hard for them. For those, who knew their Mother but she wasn’t the best Mother and/or she abused/abandoned them and etc. It’s hard for them because while everyone else is glorifying their Mother and giving their Mother Praise they can’t do the same.

My story: 
I realized a few years ago, as I was typing up a blog post that I still had anger in my heart towards my Mom for the way my childhood was and the things that happened, etc. I was angry with her for being who she was during those younger years. Neglecting me at times and not believing in me when I told her certain things that had happened to me, etc. It wasn’t the life, I would have dreamed for myself. My mom and I did not get along very well.  Over the years, I realize I just have to accept my mom for who she is… because she’s still going to be my Mom. So, whether I like the way she handled things then or does things now. Whether I go to her for advice or not...at the end of the day. She’s still my Mom. Though, my journey with her wasn't all glamorous at times. I have to be THANKFUL for the positive things that she did do. So, I choose to focus on those things and not be bitter and forgive her for the times I disliked her, etc. Though we are not best friends, we have both learn to accept one another for who we are and make positive changes towards our relationship. We show each other respect... and becoming has helped in that area. She's been a good help to me with my son - when she can and I appreciate her for all that she does. So, our relationship was never perfect and it never will be but it can always get better if we continue to show each other love and respect. Forgive and be better. 

So, to those who may have negative feelings towards their Mom for whatever reasons. I pray that you find it in your heart to forgive your Mom for whatever your situation is. Forgive her so that you can be free from the hatred in your heart and you can be a beacon of hope. 

On that note: Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there! I hope it was a GREAT day! 

Also, I will announce the winner to the giveaway on my page. :-)