in 90 days...

So, in exactly 90 days I will be another year older!!! Yay! Though, I am excited for all the things to come in my future. I seriously feel like being a hermit for the next 90 days! Lol. I want to go away and lay out on the beach for 90 worries... just me and Jesus! Ahh, that sounds so refreshing!! I can visualize it right now!!! *Daydreaming* :-) Selah...back to the real world thinking. ;-) Meanwhile, as I am getting older, wiser and growing new strands of gray hair all at the same time! Ha! Greatness! I am learning more and more about myself and my weaknesses and areas I need to focus more on developing to be better; to be a better productive me. Being 30 has taught me a lot of stuff and there is PLENTY of room to grow! I am also learning more and more about other people as well and that is disappointing to some degree. I have learned that I will have to just LOVE some people from afar and that's okay. Life does go on with or without them... because even in the Bible days... if people accepted Jesus or not He still loved them and He kept it moving; staying FOCUSED on His mission. So, that's what I have to do ... look to Jesus as my example and follow His footsteps in every area of my life!

Earlier this week, I wasn't feeling quite well. One was from eating horrible over the weekend. Once you start eating a certain way (healthier) and you decide to put crap (junk) in your body...oh your body will tell you!!! Just like the word of God...once you know the TRUTH...and the moment you get off track... oh your SPIRIT will tell you! Praise the Lord for REVELATION!

Meanwhile, the other reason I wasn't feeling to well was because of lack of sleep. I have been so busy going and doing stuff that I really haven't been getting enough rest. Besides everything that I am doing. I am also making myself available to counsel people when they need counseling... let me tell you... this is no easy task and this is just the beginning! Selah!! So, I wasn't sick with any bug or anything just my body was just tired and was just starting to shut down mentally from exhaustion. So, a break was needed to just chill and relax some... but as a Single Mom and Head of the Household you got's to keep moving to some degree. I will give a shout out to my child though because he is really the BEST kid ever and helps where he can!! Love me some him!!! :-) Tonight, he jumped up in my lap and told me about his day... and that was just AWESOME and I know he will remember our time together as he grows and will cherish them. Positive growing up moments and I love it! :-)

So, my countdown begins for turning 31 and I want to make some changes before then and be that's what I will be doing! Being a BETTER LEADER in all areas of my life! Looking forward to walking into a better year by preparing for it NOW because I deserve to have a VICTORIOUS Life in Christ Jesus! :-)

Here is a video to ENCOURAGE you :-)

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