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Over the weekend, I discovered a new store. Well, new store to me! I was just driving along heading to the Mall and I saw a sign on the building where my favorite shoe store use to be. It said: Buy, Sell, Trade, Books, Games, Tech and More. So, I turnt around to go check it out! Lol. Literally, making a U-turn. I am a BOOK lover. So, yeah. When I stepped inside. I was amazed at all the things they had in stock. Lots of BOOKS in every category. Though, they didn't have any French books only dictionaries...but still lots to choose from. Lots of games and old game systems. Awestruck! Lol. I thought to myself... Oh, I cannot wait for my lil guy to return home from Summer Vacation!! I think we will have a new favorite place to purchase books, games, movies, etc. The prices were AWESOME and the items were in good condition. I can even trade in old stuff we don't like or have grown apart from.

These are the things that you can take to them to trade or sell: Books, CDs, DVDs & Blu-Ray, Video Games, Game Systems & Accessories, Comics, iPads, iPods, eReaders, Vinyl Records, Audio Book. They are located in 14 states currently. Check out their website and see if there is one near you!

Here are some pictures from my visit. :-)

My Favorite book ;-)

Kids Books

Kids books

Kids area




Vinyl Records

Site: http://www.2ndandcharles.com/

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